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  • Analysis Of The Christian By Lucas Hnath

    another literary work "the philosophy of pitchforks," it also reassesses the image of hell. Pastor Paul did have a good point when he stated that the Bible "does not say hell" (Hnath 37). The poem also correlates with the mystery behind the truth about hell. Owens opens the poem by stating, "in a dark pit of hell......the pitchfork comes in handy to hurl the evil ones." Further, into the discussion between Pastor Paul and Associate…

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  • Healthy Church Research Paper

    The area this writer will concentrate on is the ministry God gave me under the leadership of his pastor. This ministry is department of helps; most people do not think about discipleship when they think about the helps department. Although, department of helps main job is helping others in many areas of their life, giving them the word of God and leading…

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  • Ethical Case Review

    Professional Counselor for 5 years. During that time, the pastor at his church has referred clients dealing with various issues to Bryan. The latest referral is John. John initially presented with problems managing anger in relationships. In the fourth session, John reveals that he is dealing with issues regarding his sexual orientation. He identifies himself as having been bisexual, but identifies primarily as gay. He has been talking to his pastor regarding his sexual orientation and the…

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  • Ministry: The Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry

    congregation. It should be noted that revitalization is a process not a program; therefore it must be done with long-term commitment. When accepting a pastorate, one will most likely be entering into a church that is plateaued or in decline. The pastor, knowing that change must occur, should proceed with caution, understanding that people…

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  • Incident 14.2: Does The Fogel Care?

    this chapter. According to this scenario, when the young pastor first arrived at the independent church, he was full of energy and wanted to be a great leader while performing his duties. Also, he was certainly looking for having a good impact on the members of this community, as well as helping the church to accomplish many things by identifying the congregation’s goals. However, although he was very confident that he would be a good pastor, most of the member of the congregation did not…

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  • Greek Grammar In The Life Of Jesus

    In the New Testament details the life of Jesus Christ. Looking into the Synopsis of the Gospel each one of them gives its own account of the life of Jesus. The Greek English version of the Synopsis of the Four Gospels can really help a pastor deliver the word. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John make up the Synopsis Gospels. Each one of them gives its own description of the life of Jesus Christ from the beginning until the end (Black 53). The interesting thing is that each Synopsis speak of…

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  • Essay On Human Service Career

    Human service careers need to be treasured. They help out a wide variety of individuals who are looking to better themselves and are having difficult times. Many of these careers and programs allow individuals to take time for themselves and live a better and happier life! Human service careers and the people that work in this field are to be congratulated for everything they do to help others. Even the smallest fraction of help can change an individual for the better for the rest of his or her…

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  • Ten Characteristics Of Servant Leadership

    For the sake of this essay, I will refer to him as Pastor Sweet. Pastor Sweet embodied the ten characteristics identified earlier in this essay. However, as I learned the meaning of compassion and servant-leadership, I understand why he was driven to show empathy for others as well as help them end their suffering. As the leader of our church, he was concerned for the needs of his parishioners. Pastor Sweet started many outreach programs in our community such as a food pantry…

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  • The Drop Box Persuasive Speech

    defenceless, and hungry; many die of the cold. Throughout the ages, there have been attempts to protect the lives of these innocent, abandoned babies, the latest being that of the baby hatch, as seen in the documentary ‘The Drop Box”. In the documentary, Pastor Lee Jong Rak of Jusarang Church has a box in the wall installed. The box is ventilated, cushioned, and kept…

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  • Beulah Baptist Church Reaction Paper

    Dr. Coite Sherrill conducted the worship service and my pastor, Dr. Allen Roberts, delivered the sermon. Magic was not involved in any aspect of the service. In addition, I attended Sunday school that morning before the morning service. The church also conducts an evening service on Sundays at 6:30 pm, as well as a mid-week service on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. I. Holy Beulah Baptist Church is a monotheistic church for the following reason: Pastor Dr. Allen Roberts opened the service by praying to…

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