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Human service careers need to be treasured. They help out a wide variety of individuals who are looking to better themselves and are having difficult times. Many of these careers and programs allow individuals to take time for themselves and live a better and happier life! Human service careers and the people that work in this field are to be congratulated for everything they do to help others. Even the smallest fraction of help can change an individual for the better for the rest of his or her life. Hundreds of human service jobs are available and help so many people. Looking through lists and putting thought and preparation into choosing one of these was hard. Any form of job that involves helping others interests me. Finally deciding to go further in depth into youth working, there are actually four places youth workers can be found. These four places include colleges, schools, youth centers, and faith based groups (Fowkes). Youth work within a …show more content…
The best part is going on trips with the students and seeing them take what they have learned and the experiences they have been through and use those to help and reach other students just like them. “Youth workers help facilitate personal, social and educational growth in young people to help them reach their full potential in society” (Fowkes). This honestly sounds like the perfect career choice. It reaches out to the youth; the future adults that will have to make big decisions. This career helps the youth realize they are worth so much and everyone has something to give to this world. The youth reaches out and shares this same information to their friends, peers, family, teachers, and even strangers they pass on the streets. Youth workers within faith based groups is definitely a career that will always be on the top of my

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