Analysis Of A Preacher Without A Pulpit

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Preacher Without a Pulpit Preachers are respected figures of the religious community. I had a chance to follow Pastor William Reed for a week and got to learn more about the man that I see on Sunday mornings. It’s hard to picture the man behind the preacher, but after a few days I realized that my preacher is a man of God but more man than expected. As time went by and the questions were asked I got an incite of his life with and without a pulpit. Many times, people get it in their mind that a pastor should be the same outside of the church as he is inside. I found that to be somewhat true at times but completely different at other times. Is your preacher the same behind the pulpit and on the street? The answer is simply no; he is just a man in a corrupt world. I had the opportunity to visit Brother Reed at his home church and see what he does to prepare for the week and the upcoming Sunday. Walking in the church on a day that only staff are inside, makes me kind of feel like I am being loud at all times. When it is a Sunday or a Wednesday the church is full of believers and children ready and willing to …show more content…
After making a decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior, but he still lived as a ten-year-old. As the years went by, there was something that tugged inside of him. What did a Christian look like, how does he act, what does he do in life? Questions like that always seemed to stump him. He never could really figure out what the future held. Around the age of sixteen, he began to get more serious about his spiritual life. Prayer, Bible Study, and Witnessing to others. At the age of seventeen, he realized God was leading him into full time Christian service. Struggling with His plan, he tried to ignore it, but eventually gave in and accepted His will for Brother Reed’s life. He grew up in a very moral home, but not one where the parents attended church. his grandmother lived next door and made certain they attended with

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