Triple-E Senate

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Triple E Senate

    Through the analysis of different factors describing why the Senate is not representative and how that effects the entirety of the nation, this leads to the discussion of Senate reform and representative alternatives to improve the red chamber. A representative alternative that has been previously proposed was that of a Triple E Senate. A Triple E Senate would be comprised of elected senators versus the unrepresentative appointment of individuals by the Prime Minister (Makarenko, 2006). An elected Senate would benefit the entire nation as it would allow different regions and provinces to choose exactly who would best represent their interests, versus the Prime Minister practicing political patronage. The triple E Senate would also permit,…

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  • Triple E Senate Case Study

    The “Triple E Senate” model will be proposed as a viable tool for Senate reform, stressing the importance of an elective, effective, and equal Senate. The history of the Senate will first be analysed to demonstrate the superfluous nature of the chamber in a twentieth-century democracy. The following paragraph will then examine the Senator appointment process, arguing in the defence of an elected senate. Following that, the effectiveness of the Senate will be criticized proving a lack of…

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  • The Westminster System

    attempted to amend the system; such is the case with the United Kingdom and their House of Lords, as well as the elected Senate in Australia. This is not the case with one of the empire’s former colonies in particular. From its outset, there…

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  • The Canadian Senate: Chamber Of Sober Reflection By David C. Docherty

    journal: The Canadian Senate: Chamber of Sober Reflection or Loony Cousin Best Not Talked About, responds to the continual controversy and debate of the usefulness of the Canadian senate. Docherty’s (2002) article analyzes the current Canadian senate and argues that the senate is a failing Canadian institution because of two democratic deficiencies: the undemocratic nature of senator selection and the inability of senators to represent provinces properly. Docherty analyzes four Senate reforms…

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  • Dwayne Johnson Biography

    and cite at least two facts you use ( In other words, provide evidence proving that the person you are writing about influences others positively. Then, clearly explain why you respect this person. Of course, there will be people that disagree with you, so mention one negative about this person. Now, counter their argument by explaining how this person is better because of the obstacles they have faced, or overcome. Finally, restate the most important reason that this person is a…

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  • Reflective Essay-Zaffirini: An Act

    a vehicle without the fear of criminal prosecution or civil action. Also, SB 188 – Uresti – Relating to civil or criminal liability for transporting in, confining in, or removing from a motor vehicle certain animals, is very similar. There are two similar bills submitted in the House of Representative, HB 478 – Israel – Relating to civil liability for removing certain individuals or animals from a motor vehicle and HB 401 – Villalba – Relating to civil or criminal liability for leaving certain…

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  • Importance Of The Triple Entente

    The Triple Alliance consists of Italy, Germany, and Austria Hungary, in the late 1800s the Triple Alliance had several conflicts with the Triple Entente, the Triple Entente consisted of the Russian Empire, the French Third Republic, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain. While having these conflicts there were many creative military tactics used by both sides such as Germany planning a quick victory which would be doable with the Schlieffen Plan (The New American p34). Germany was a very…

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  • Prenatal Diagnosis

    Prenatal testing when being marketed tells the expectant mother that it gives accurate information about her health and also that of her baby. However, what is often initially omitted is the accuracy and meaning of a ‘positive’ result for the possibility of a disorder being developed. The result serves the purpose of providing the potential mother (parents) with necessary information not solely about the likely disorders but offers a new dimension for deciding if she wants to bring her child to…

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  • Stone Cold Research Paper

    won a few titles. He then jump ship to WWE where he cemented his legacy as one of the greatest wrestler of all time. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin changed the landscape of the professional wrestling business with his way of entertaining fans, championship history, and the creation of a new era in wrestling. A quality that Steve Austin is noted for is his style of entertaining the people. Even after retirement from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Austin to this day entertains his fans by…

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  • Masculinity In Professional Wrestling

    wrestling. Professional wrestling leaves little surprise that boys to act act masculine. As Katz says, “we get a very traditional and very conservative version of masculinity represented as an ideal of physical strength, the ability to control and scare other people, to intimidate, and especially to not back away from confrontation. In fact, real men of the WWE invite confrontation and conflict.” Famous professional wrestlers like The Undertaker, Edge, and Triple H vie for grandeur through…

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