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  • West Side Story Film Analysis

    The classic tale of two star crossed lovers, and no, not Romeo and Juliet, but close, West Side Story. Through music and dance, the homes of American families in the 1950 have been introduced to a modern story of Romeo and Juliet, except instead of the Capulets and Montagues, it’s the Puerto Ricans and the Anglo-Americans. The migration of Puerto Ricans to the United States in the 1950s led to an influx of new community members and as a result, another component of diversity in the “melting pot,” that is the United States. With the introduction of West Side Story came a new, yet unsatisfying, portrayal of a group of people labeled as “Puerto Rican Migrants”. West Side Story is a critically acclaimed film that explores, and unsuccessfully tries, through the plot development and depictions of central characters in the film, to dim the stereotypes of Hispanic identities in 1950s New York City through a story of star crossed lovers. The film, West Side Story, first began as a play, one whose main purpose was to modernize the Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet (Negron-Muntaner). The writer, Arthur Laurent, created a true to the time Romeo and Juliet, involving new themes and topics, adding dimension and diversity to the classic tale, through song and dance. West Side Story was originally supposed to be East Side Story, a story in which the two star crossed lovers are of different religions, Jewish and Christian. That original idea, however, was disregarded once the idea of…

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  • Evolution Of Metal Music

    each band having its own individual approach. As metal bands go out of their way to sound different from one another, it is often difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is in metal that ties all of the bands together under a one genre with a universal sound. The aforementioned tritone is perhaps the greatest example of what metal bands have in common, as far as music theory is concerned. Music is constructed using melodies that are phrased over harmonies, which are built from keys. Keys in…

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  • Heavy Metal Culture

    once remarked in an interview, "America might have invented rock and roll. But Britain invented heavy metal." The three pioneering English heavy metal bands, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, attracted cult audiences, built sizable fan bases but were derided by music critics and the press. Hailing from the industrial town of Aston in Birmingham, England, Black Sabbath released their self-titled album featuring their self-titled track in 1970. Widely regarded as a masterpiece by the…

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  • The Civil Rights Movement: How It Changed Jazz

    little girls” (Wright-Mendoza). Using his talent as a musician to portray his stance on the world, Coltrane gives meaning to music that normally would be overlooked as another song to be heard .“Alabama” has a more solemn feel than Coltrane’s previous work, such as “Giant Steps,” beginning with a very melodic aCapella, or unaccompanied, solo on his tenor saxophone, the use of aCapella causes Coltrane to sound alone reflecting the idea of how those involved in racial attacks are alone. Continuing…

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  • Errlkönig Analysis

    Berg was following in the strides of his educator, Arnold Schoenberg, by utilizing free atonality to express feelings and even the perspectives of the characters on the stage. The declaration of franticness and estrangement was opened up with atonal music. In spite of the fact that the music is atonal as in it doesn't take after the procedures of the real/minor tonality framework predominant in the West amid the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, the piece is composed with different…

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  • Analysis Of Gradual Viderunt Omnes

    Clausulae on Dominus, from Viderunt Omnes: clausula No. 26 and clausula No. 29; Motets on Tenor Dominus: Factum est salutare/Dominus, Fole acostumance/Dominus, and Super te/Sed fulsit virginitas/Dominus; and De ma dame vient/Dieus, comment porroi/Omnes by Adam de la Halle are four such examples. The tenor lines of Clausulae and Motets have “Dominus” as the text, and the melodies are almost identical to that of the original except for a few notes which were altered presumably to sound better with…

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  • Led Zeppelin Classification

    credited with developing heavy metal created a thick sound, with extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, amplified distortion, and a generally massive sound. The lyrics paired with the instrumentals were most often associated with aggression and masculinity, and commonly draw from myths and other fantasy worlds. "In the taxonomy of popular music, heavy metal is a major subspecies of hard-rock—the breed with less syncopation, less blues, more showmanship and more brute force." One of the…

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  • Emotional Movements In Hugo Wolf's Emotive Lieder In Der Frühe

    vocal line, lack of clear cadential motion, and quick-tempered movements through various tonal centers for the purpose of demonstrating the emotional complexity of a lost man struggling to find purposefulness in his daily life. Throughout his lieder, Wolf declares a key clearly with the left hand of the piano outlining the tonic triad; however, as soon as the vocal line enters, the melodic line heavily centers the dominant of the key. This is displayed as early as the first measure. Here we see…

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  • Free Jazz Analysis

    to the melody. This tradition was continued in the Hot Five, but because of Armstrong 's creative gifts as a trumpet player, solo passages where the trumpet played alone began to appear more frequently. In these brilliant solos, Armstrong laid down the basic vocabulary of jazz improvising, and became its founding and most influential exponent. Be bop is characterized by its fast tempo, instrumental virtuosity and improvisation based on the combination of harmonic structure and melody. It…

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  • Olga Boulanger: A Musical Genius

    thinking and chasing he tires himself and falls to sleep once again. This arrangement for flute and piano was made n 1925 by Gustav Samazeuilh, and thankfully it works because of the flute's prominent role in the orchestral version, especially the now famous opening solo. The work by some, like Boulez, is regarded as the beginning of modern music. This is in response to the Wagnerian hold on the musical world from which Debussy's piece emerges. Particular elements which can be heard as "novel"…

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