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  • Bodo Language Essay

    1.1: INTRODUCTION Bodo is one of the famous languages of North-East India. It is the major language of the Bodo group of the Indo-Mongoloid family which fall within the Assam-Burmese section and is spoken by Bodo people of North-Eastern India. The Bodo language is amongst the official languages of the Indian state of Assam and it is one of the 22 languages which has been recognized by eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution. 1.2:LINGUISTIC CLASSIFICATION The Bodo language belonging to the Sino-Tibetan or Tibeto-Chinese family of language. The Bodo language is spoken all over Assam, Arunachal, Nepal, Bhutan, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Bodos are known as “Mech”. The population of Bodo speakers according to 1991 census report was 1,984,569 (Bodo1,324,748), (mech 659,821) and now at present it has exceed above 40 lakhs. The Bodo language…

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  • Destination Branding Of India Case Study

    behavioral and aesthetic aspect of the places so that the tourism industry in the place grows and in turn helps the GDP of the country to grow as well as provide employment to local population and promote the local culture. Some notable examples of destination branding campaigns are – Malaysia Truly Asia, Incredible India, Uniquely Singapore and Amazing Thailand. India’s North East (NE) Surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and ageless forests the North eastern part of India is a relatively…

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  • Importance Of Negligence Under Consumer Protection Law

    such a profession where a practitioner is supposed to have requisite knowledge and skill needed for the purpose and has a duty to exercise reasonable duty of care while dealing with the patient. The standard of the care depends upon the nature of the profession. A surgeon or anaesthetist will be determined by the standard of average practitioner in that field while in case of specialists, a higher skill is needed. If the doctor or a specialist doesn’t attend a patient admitted in emergency or…

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  • Operation Jackpot Essay

    Chittagong, broadcasted two declarations on behalf of Sheikh Mujib stating himself as the temporary Head of the Republic and the proclaiming the independent state of Bangladesh. K. F. Rustamji, the first Director General and founding father of the Indian Border Security Force who helped Tajuddin Ahmad and Barrister Amirul Islam seek Indira Gandhi's help, was tasked with maintaining security on the Eastern Frontier. With this in mind, Rustamji lost no time in hand-picking officers like Brigadier…

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  • Adyar Ana Bhavan Case Study

    the years and includes a large variety of confectionery products, snacks, and chaats. Currently, the have the following cuisines in their list: • South Indian • North Indian • Chinese • Chaats Sweets section includes authentic Bengali and South Indian sweets: • Milk & Ghee Sweets • Bengali Sweets • Dry Fruit Sweets Now let’s briefly look into the history of Adyar Ananda Bhavan (A2B). Around 30 years ago, Late K.S.Thirupathi started this business with a small sweet shop. This shop was located in…

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  • Baba Ramdev Case Study

    respectively. After entering into FMCG market, PAL started keeping all products at these outlets. Patanjali also started its own brand store at different locations in each state taking total numbers of Patanjali stores to 15000. State wise list of Patanjali’s Arogya Kendra and Chikistalay- State Name Aarogya Kendra Chikistalaya Aasam 63 27 Aandman Nikobar 0 1 Andhra Pradesh 34 45 Arunachal Pradesh 2 2 Bihar 57 27 Chandigarh 5 3 Chatthishgarh 75 24 Daman 1 0 Delhi 28 34 Goa 13 4 Gujarat 100 57…

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  • Identity Crisis Essay

    wife Sneha 's comment to Alam, 'You can still come over, when you get the chance to – for us the road is forever closed. ' An aspect which is unique to the Bengal Partition, that unlike massive exchange of population in 1947-1950 on western border, influx of refugees across Bengal border remained a dynamic and continuous process. Partition of Bengal brought about a huge number of Hindu Bengali population from East Bengal to West Bengal, prompted by fear and anxiety and the consciousness of…

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  • Mizo Secessionist Movement Essay

    emerged in the Mizo Hills called Mizo Common People’s Union; later renamed as Mizo Union. Mizo Union is important to note because it submitted a resolution to the Advisory Committee appointed by the Constituent Assembly to address the needs of the tribals and minorities of the North-East India demanding inclusion of all neighbouring areas inhabited by the Mizo people. As a result, the Lushai Hills was granted the status of an autonomous district as part of the state of Assam, under the sixth…

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  • Women Migration Case Study

    mushrooming in many developing countries. In the context of increased unemployment, women mostly single and dependent women are forced to enter into sex work market to better ensure their household’s survival. Migration studies on gender perspective evident that women migrate for different reasons compare to men and consequences or we can say their experiences are also differ. Thus policy implications are also likely to be differ (Hugo, 2000). According to Ratha and Shaw (2007), mostly…

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  • Cattle Slaughter Essay

    creature of God, in Hinduism. Dairy farm product square measure extensively utilized in Hindu culture and square measure one among the foremost essential biological process parts of Hindu meals. Article forty eight of the Constitution of Asian country mandates the state to ban the slaughter of cows and calves and alternative liquid body substance and draught kine. On October 26, 2005, the Supreme Court of India , in an exceedingly landmark judgement upheld the constitutional validity of anti-cow…

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