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  • The Role Of Margaret In Le Morte D Arthur

    Margaret’s influence on Arthuriana appears in multiple disciplines for the direct similarity between her reign and Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur. Stephen Knight and Merry Wiesner-Hanks’ Arthurian Literature and Society depicts the key similarities. Lancelot and his party represent the Yorkists, Henry VI played Arthur, and Guinevere, locked in a tower, represents Margaret as she defended herself from outside attack and dealt with her actual imprisonment. As the fifteenth century came towards a close, Malory’s English canon of Arthurian lore preserved morality developed in response to Margaret’s actions and the Treasons Act and the consequences for the immoral. Le Morte D’Arthur contains eight books of adventures that warn both genders of the cost of adultery – a marked change from his predecessors. The book opens with a discussion of Arthur’s youth and his adventures until his battles in Rome. In book three, however, the introduction of courtly love and its consequences change the tone of the work. Upon his return from Rome, The Tale of Sir Lancelot du Lac finds Sir Lancelot trapped in a bewitched slumber. Four sorceress queens from North Galys, Estelonde, the Outer Isles, and Queen Morgan le Fay of Gorre confront him over his affection for Queen Guinevere. Throughout battles with their champions, giants, and the sorceresses, themselves, he remains unshaken in his dedication. Malory foreshadows the consequences of Lancelot’s obsession through the actions of a servant…

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  • The Importance Of Allusion In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

    Authors throughout history have utilized our senses to connect the reader to the characters in the novel in a symbiotic relationship. Without our connection and relatability, the impact of the struggles a character faces would not be the same on the reader. This is held true for Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Chopin employs auditory allusions to foreshadow the fate of the protagonist Edna Pontellier. These small breadcrumbs of allusions placed throughout the novel lead us down the path of…

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  • Tristan Da Cunha Culture

    Tristan da Cunha Tristan da Cunha is the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world, located in the southern Atlantic ocean. It is a very unique place that few people know about, and that is why I chose to learn more about this culture. It is truly interesting to see how the people on Tristan da Cunha live their lives, and how different their way of life is from our own. There are no airports on the island of Tristan da Cunha, so the only way to get there is by boat, across some of the…

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  • Medieval Magic Of Love Analysis

    The Medieval Magic of Love In Gottfried Von Strassburg’s, Tristan, the paradoxical nature of love is established when we’re told that prudency inspires Queen Isolde to brew “a love drink so subtly devised and prepared, and endowed with such powers, that with whomever any man drank it…[t]hey would share one death and one life, one sorrow and one joy” (192). Using oxymorons Gottfried is able to show that love creates contradictory conditions that are difficult to resolve. Appearing almost magical…

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  • Comparison Of Loyality And The Morality Of Roland And Tristan

    Roland and Tristan are considered to be the perfect examples of a good vassal but their definition of loyalty and how they express it is completely different. Feudalism was used by kings in order to loan out their kingdoms when they became too large to control on their own. This loan created lords who then figured out that they could not control their countries on their own so they loaned out property to their vassal. This created the term, feudalization of love. Two characters were introduced…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Compare And Contrast Tristan And Isolde

    Tristan and Isolde Between the film and the story, Tristan and Isolde is the perfect mushy and action filled tale of all time. Both adaptations are classic tales that deliver the well-known story line for forbidden love. Without a doubt, the movie and the story are very similar to Romeo and Juliet the better known dramatic love story. Tristan and Isolde do have many difference between both medias that completely changes the original story entirely. The movie, being more of a cult classic than…

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  • Analysis Of Tristan Harris's 'Slot Machine In Your Pocket'

    Every so often a new phone comes out or a new wifi router better than the old one. Hearing hundreds of reasons why it 's better or faster only tempt people, especially gen Z, to upgrade to the latest and greatest. In the article, Slot Machine in Your Pocket, Tristan Harris talks about how people become addicted to their phones just like slot machines and how people, on average, check their phones more than 100 times a day. In the article, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?", Nicholas Carr refers to…

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  • Music Response Essay

    about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. The music is an oratorio composed of vocals from the SATB choir and solo artists and instruments of two trumpets, one timpani, two oboes, 2 violins, one viola and one basso continuo. Therefore, this is far more sophisticated than the previous three music as now we see different variations of choir and various instruments used. However, there are items common to all four of musicals mentioned. As for example in the tandoor music and Messiah chorus there…

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  • Troubadour Analysis

    humans from another planet plan to stop him. BRIEF SYNOPSIS Tristan Vaughn (30’s) is a struggling, but passionate musician. His girlfriend Jules is tired of Tristan having no real-life goals and she breaks up with him. A portal opens and out stumbles Tavaroz, a Artizen Warrior and Troubadour. He possesses a magical medallion. Following him are Serenity (28), a muse, and Gavin (17), wearing a steampunk suit and missing his hand. They do not see the face of a demonic human in the portal.…

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  • Narrative About Soccer

    the other team gets the ball and they run down the court but Tristan gets a steal and jump so high for the layup and ended up dunking it. So by half time Tristan’s team is up 45 to 24. The third quarter gets underway with Tristan having almost over half their points with 25 they are dominating the game. Tristan dribbles down the court and shoots a three bang!! he makes it giving him 28 points. Then the fourth quarter starts and Tristan has 32 points steph curry is going nuts over how good…

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