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  • Reagan's Struggle Against Terrorism

    family was not warned of this attack as his daughter was killed and his two sons were injured (“April 14, 1986…”). Ironically, this attack was seen as a success for both Libya and the United States. The United States saw Operation El Dorado Canyon as a success because Gaddafi knew the United States was not afraid to take military action. As Reagan said in his Address to the Nation, “When our citizens are abused or attacked anywhere in the world, we will respond in self defense. Today we have done what we had to do. If necessary, we shall do it again” (“Address to the Nation…”). Libya thought that their actions during the attack were successful because they were able to shoot down an American F-111. Although the French Embassy in Tripoli was hit accidentally, Libya retaliated. The next day, Libya tried to shoot missiles to US Navy Communications at Lamedusa, however the missiles fell short (“April 14, 1986…”). Reagan’s values came out after these attacks. It showed how although he acted to benefit the country, he also did what he personally felt was right, showing how human agency controls our…

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  • The Importance Of Crimes In Macbeth

    Power is a very dangerous obsession because it corrupts many individuals. The idea of power corrupting individuals has been present since the time of Hitler, and Napoleon but it has gotten worst in the present time because of the advance technology and individuals ambition for money. A perfect example of an individual that is corrupted by power is Muammar Gaddafi. Muammar Gaddafi, tyrant of Libya, shocked the world by his use of power. Another great example of how power corrupts an individual…

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  • Arab Spring Research Paper

    The Arab Spring was a series of anti-government protests, it started in Tunisia and spread across the Middle East in 2011. It started as non-violent protests, but ended up with very bad consequences. Many people died. Properties destroyed. Raising in the level of poverty and unemployment. Increasing the number of crimes and civil wars. Leaders fallen. He was born in 1942 in Libya. At the time of Gaddafi 's birth Libya was an Italian colony. Growing up, Gaddafi witnessed significant events in…

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  • Why Did The Franks Lose The Battle Of Hattin?

    Frankish army at the Battle of Hattin marked the end of the Frankish Kingdom in the Holy Land which had existed for eighty-eight years , though some resisted long after the battle. Three key factors attributed to the defeat of the Franks: division amongst the Frankish leadership; failed Crusader tactics and superior Saracen tactics. By 1186 there was already a political divide between the nobility of the Frankish Kingdom. King Guy had taken the crown through his marriage to Princess Sibylla in…

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  • Judeo-Christian Theory

    America is an intriguing nation with several unique ethnicities, backgrounds, and religions throughout the fifty states. Regardless of the above statement more than a few people have questioned if America is or is not a Christian Nation. Depending on a person’s individual stance on the matter, they usually correspond to one of two generalistic theories about America. Theory one: America was founded by agnostics, deists, and atheists as a non-religious nation with little to no Christian heritage.…

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  • Thomas Jefferson And Barbary

    When it appeared off Tripoli on 24 July “the Pasha was a good deal disturbed and anxious to treat for peace.” One week later, the American schooner Enterprise, won a decisive victory in a three-hour battle with a larger Tripolitian cruiser without a single American casualty. This began the War that would set a precedent for the rest of the world, years later, the conclusion of the war in 1805 set off a wave of national pride among Americans, inspiring artwork and patriotic songs. But the…

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  • How Did Thomas Jefferson Influence American Foreign Policy

    Even, he does not agree isolation, he follow pragmatic policy. He knows how The United States can manipulate and gain benefit from Europe. Thus, he does not carry out a dominant foreign policy. Republican ideology has an impact on Thomas Jefferson’s foreign policy. He need to fulfil Republican demands. They need to sell their agricultural surplus and they need to enlarge their agricultural lands. Therefore, it is inevitable to trade with other nations and expand territory. Thomas Jefferson has…

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  • Founding Fathers Research Paper

    the Congress. Overall this one example speaks volumes. It speaks volumes in the fact that for congress to endorse such an act signifies “Separation of Church and State” is not what the Founding Fathers intended for the establishment clause of the First Amendment. So, what does this prove? It proves that the First Amendment was created to allow the Government to support a religion without imposing a National religion upon every citizen. It also supports the notion of an early Christian America…

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  • Babar And Osman And Suleyman And The Ottoman Empire

    Island of Rhodes, which gave the Ottoman almost complete control over the eastern Mediterranean. Furthermore, he launched assaults on the northern coastline of Africa, and acquired the city of Tripoli. These acquisitions were significant as it allowed the Ottoman Empire to control trade routes into Africa. In addition, Suleyman advanced into parts of Europe, solidifying his place as the most powerful ruler on earth during his time. 2) Ghazis and janissaries are similar yet different. They are…

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  • Mudammar Gaddafi In History

    complete banning of strikes. The outlawing of real labor organizations led to the setting-up of the state-controlled unions resulting in the creation of the totalitarian regime, under the tight control of Gaddafi himself because everything was governed by the state rules. Gaddafi ruled a vicious dictatorship during his tenure. However, his leadership was beneficial in a way to the government due to the existence of large oil reserves that translated to higher income among the citizens and also…

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