The Importance Of Crimes In Macbeth

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Register to read the introduction… Gaddafi currently has set a very high bar for crimes an individual can commit. Gaddafi has been involved with many terrorist attacks and has ordered to kill many. Gaddafi has been involved in the bombing of the Berlin disco, Pan Am flights, Libyan hospitals, and Libyan cities. Gaddafi has also “crushed a 1996 prison uprising by killing 1,200 people” (“Libya’s Tyrant Must Depart”). Macbeth has also committed many cruel deeds that have allowed him to stay in power. Macbeth’s brutal crimes can be showed by Lady Macbeth who states “The Thane of Fife had a wife. Where is she now? What will these hands ne’er be clean? No more o’that my lord, mo more o’that.” (Shakespeare 5.1.44-45). Lady Macbeth is explaining how Macbeth has killed the Thane of Fife’s wife, who was an innocent woman, similar to Gaddafi, who was killing Libyan citizens and many other innocent people. Lady Macbeth is also stating that Macbeth will never be forgiven for killing the innocent woman. Macbeth’s killing of innocent people can also been seen when he orders his soldier’s to “Hang those that talk of fear”(5.3.43). Macbeth is showing how he wants everybody who talks about fear to be killed which is very similar to how Gaddafi orders his troops to do for him such as using tanks to bomb Libyan hospitals. Power has turned Macbeth and …show more content…
In Libya, Gaddafi has caused a huge impact on the citizens. He had killed many and he was hated by the citizens and the citizens want him to leave. Many of his own ministers are also against him because they fear their safety and want to help save Libya. Critics state that “several ambassadors, and key ministers, including the justice minister and Gaddafi’s No.2 man, one of the army officers who joined Gaddafi have [side] with the protestors.” (“Libya’s Tyrant Must Depart”). In a similar manner, “Macbeth’s soldiers and his thanes also sided with the English army” (Shakespeare 5-2) to help take Macbeth down. Scotland’s citizens thought that Macbeth was crazy and hate him because he killed many innocent people; the citizens want Macbeth to leave, just like how Gaddafi’s men hate him and want him to leave. Before showing any violent actions a tyrant must think over the reactions to prevent future

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