Why Did The Franks Lose The Battle Of Hattin? Essay

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Why did the Franks lose the Battle of Hattin? The Battle of Hattin occurred on July 4, 1187. The Battle was between the Ayyubid Dynasty led by Sultan Saladin that was determined to retake the Holy lands in the name of Sunni Islam and Frankish Crusaders led by recently crowned King Guy of Lusignan that were attempting to defend the Principality of Galilee. The battle occurred after Saladin’s army crossed into Galilee and besieged the city of Tiberias on July 2 1187, the Franks marched to relieve the siege and defeat the Saracen army. It can be suggested that the failure of the Frankish army at the Battle of Hattin marked the end of the Frankish Kingdom in the Holy Land which had existed for eighty-eight years , though some resisted long after the battle. Three key factors attributed to the defeat of the Franks: division amongst the Frankish leadership; failed Crusader tactics and superior Saracen tactics.
By 1186 there was already a political divide between the nobility of the Frankish Kingdom. King Guy had taken the crown through his marriage to Princess Sibylla in August 1186. This caused divide as King Baldwin IV had removed his as a potential heir to the throne after he failed to attack the Saracen army that had invaded the Kingdom in 1183. This failure was due to Guy taking advice from Count Raymond III of Tripoli who along with other barons had a hatred for Guy, by not taking any action against the Saracen army the campaign was considered a failure and the blame was…

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