Pope Urban II And The Fall Of The Crusades

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In 1095 at the Council of Clermont in France, Pope Urban II gave a speech that would affect the church for many years to come. He declared that church was going to try and get the Holy Land back from the Seljuk Turks in battles that would be known as the Crusades. Since the mid-seventh century, the Muslims had controlled the Holy Land and had prevented Catholics from entering Jerusalem to make pilgrimages. The Catholics saw gaining the Holy Land back as a sacred duty because the Muslims were seen to be “enemies of Christ”. “Deus lo Volt”, which means God wills it, was chanted after hearing the Pope’s speech and soon became the motto for these wars. Little did the Crusaders know that they were going to face 300 years of fighting with the Holy …show more content…
The fall of this city put Jerusalem in danger, so the king of Jerusalem asked the pope for help. The pope agreed and sent Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III and Louis VIII of France to help. However, they were soon faced with disaster. Conrad didn’t bring enough food and lost nine-tenths of his army. Things didn’t look much better for Louis VIII’s army who underwent a terrible journey filled with disease and attacks. They both finished their journeys by sea and met each other in June 1148 at Arc. From there, they planned to capture Damascus to prevent the Muslims from joining with the Muslims in Egypt. However, their armies weren’t strong enough and they were forced to retreat. In result of the war, the people of Damascus became loyal to the Muslims.
After the 2nd Crusade, the Muslim leader, Saladin, captured Jerusalem. The Catholics saw this as a sign of God punishing them, and three European kings rallied forces to go on another Crusade. They reached Arc in the summer of 1191 and took it with losses on both sides. The Crusaders kept marching onward toward Jerusalem and failed to recapture the city. They returned home desolate and disappointed in the results of the third

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