Daniel Bryan's Influence On Wwe

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When Daniel Bryan first made his debut in the WWE back in February 2010 on WWE NXT (then a reality/wrestling hybrid show), he was unlike most main event level Superstars. He wasn't the big, bulky type like Big Show, Kane, or the Great Khali. He didn't have the good looks that guys like John Cena, Randy Orton or Roman Reigns had. But he was not just extremely talented, but he was very over with the WWE Universe and the Universe loved him.

During the first season of WWE NXT (the season which gave us The Nexus), Bryan was paired with his pro, The Miz. Not only did Bryan and The Miz never got along with each other, but Bryan also had to endure constant bullying from Vince McMahon's favorite announcer Michael Cole who despised Bryan but envied The Miz. Bryan would eventually lose the competition as Wade Barrett would win.

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However, injuries cut Bryan's WWE career short and in his home state of Washington, Bryan made the most difficult decision of his life when he announced his retirement from the WWE altogether.

Bryan's departure leaves a huge void as he rides off to the sunset. He is as Bret "The Hitman" Hart puts it, "The Best That Ever Was and The Best That Ever Will Be."

There is nobody like Daniel Bryan,

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