The Devil In The White City By Erik Larson

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The Devil in the White City by: Erik Larson

Crown Publishing Group, 2003, and 447

The book "The Devil in the White City" is about the serial killer H.H. Holmes and the architect of the World's Fair Daniel H. Burnham.

Who was Daniel H. Burnham? Burnham was a man who rose to prominence. In 1893 Chicago won the bid for the World's Exposition. The architects chosen were Burnham and his partner John Root, Burnham and John needed to build something to give their city a better reputation. Burnham ended facing many hardships along the way, it started when his partner John Root passed away due to Pneumonia when he was 41 years old. Now that Burnham was facing this alone he is facing, even more, problems, after he convinced the top 5 architects in the country their building designs were late, so there was fear of not finishing the buildings on time for the fair. There was fear of another cholera outbreak when the fair comes, there were protests when a company employed by the exposition to dig a drainage ditch hires Italian immigrants, and another problem Burnham faces is the limit of how much he can put on the soil, all of the buildings cleared the test but the heaviest and largest building. Burnham fears the potential of crime so he assigns a special police force for the fair's duration. The economy is slipping and now Burnham has to make cuts and even fire some of his workers. Burnham makes a speech to engineers hoping
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Holmes the first serial killer in America. Holmes purchased a pharmacy in Englewood near the site of the future world fair and as he becomes more successful financially, he bought an empty lot across the street and this is where he builds the building for all of his murderous plans. The first level of the building is a pharmacy, while the higher levels are a nightmarish maze of secret passages, hallways, and chutes, used to make disposal of the bodies easier. With the Fair getting closer Holmes converts the upper levels

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