Free Argumentative Essays-The Attraction Of Professional Wrestling

The attraction of professional wrestling. Professional wrestling is half theater, half stee chair shots to the head. Professional wrestling may never be commonly understood. Each adult admirer of professional wrestling has encountered those people who turn their heads and ask, “You do know it’s fake, right?”
“I don’t care. I love the pageantry, the athleticism, even the incredibly cheesy acting. I look at wrestling as theater at it 's most base, and guess what? So do most of the fans. We know what 's goin ' on. Is it sport? Is it entertainment? It 's both. It 's - ummm - wrestling. Now, let 's get something straight - I know wrestling is a show, but it 's not as fake as you think. Of course, the winners of the matches are predetermined, and the violence is choreographed. However, the result of the violence is very real.”
These words were spoken by director and producer, Barry Blaustein in his
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The WWE clearly no longer cares about breaking kayfabe guaranteeing that wrestling seems real; anyone past adolescence who forgets that they are watching scripted professional wrestling show is referred to as a “mark.” Mazer defines this synergy with fans and claims that “the pleasure for wrestlers and spectators alike may be found in the expressive tension between the spontaneous and the rehearsed, in the anticipation of, and acute desire for, the moment when the real breaks through the pretended.” (Mazer, 68) Mazer associates the watching of a professional wrestling match to observing a theatrical or musical performance, in that “spectator and performer alike are in a place to enjoy the distancing effect that comes with knowing the formal aspects of the performance at the same time as they look for the moment when knowledge (or consciousness) is suspended, penetrated by the rush of something far more urgent and demanding that artifice.” (Mazer,

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