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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid

    College athletes already receive free tuition, free books, first pick of classes, and a personal tutor. On average, it will cost a student about $30,000 to attend a private college, and $10,000 to attend a public college. If you are a college athlete, you enter college for free. Along with free tuition, college athletes also receive the first pick of class. Colleges desire that athletes get a sterling education along with their athletic adventure. Guidance counselors allow athletes to acquire first pick of their classes each semester. Although in may not be in the mind of an athlete to focus on education, the college still wants them to participate like all the others. Class spaces often fills up quickly, so students without an athletic scholarship will not be able to select their appropriate class. Thousands of students apply to college every year, some are more dedicated in their work than others. What about the student that gives 100% in the classroom and dedicates their life to education? Will there not be enough room for them if all the college athletes occupy the class? On top of receiving first pick of class, athletes receive a personal tutor. The tutor’s primary goal is to make sure that the athletes pass their class. A personal tutor toils day and night, assisting the athletes when they take long voyages overnight to other college campuses to compete. Nearly every college athlete’s foremost aspiration is to become professional. Their “job” is work out…

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  • Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

    Pro-Athletes Should Not Receive High Pay Did you know Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid professional athlete as of 2015, while middle class is barely making it through the month? There has been controversy over the subject of athletes get paid too much. Some people think it is ridiculous because they are entertainers such as actors and actresses. Others, these professional athletes are role models to young children and even older adults. Another reasoning is these professional sports can be…

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  • Should Professional Athletes Be Paid Essay

    Could you imagine making millions upon millions doing what you love? Well that’s what professional athletes do. They make more money than they know what to do with. Professional athletes should not be paid as much as they are. The people and fans going to watch them and support them, can hardly afford a ticket. Don’t forget about the famous ballpark hot dogs either, but those will cost you an arm and leg. Of course, you need a souvenir so people know you were really there. It will all start…

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  • Discourse In Discourse

    The philosopher Michel Foucault once described discourse as “Systems of thoughts composed of ideas, attitudes, and courses of action, beliefs and practices that systematically construct the subjects and the worlds of which they speak.” As masterfully presented by Foucault, discourse involves language and how individuals in certain communities, or “worlds” use language to communicate with each other. In part, language creates distinct discourse communities involving those who share similarities…

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  • Interpersonal Rituals: The Nature Of Deference And Demeanor

    Professional athletics has been an important part of the American culture for quite a long time. Sports are what separates this nation from any other nation in the world. Given the viewership, I would like to focus on the National Football League. The National Football League is a multi-billion dollar business that is projected to reach $13 Billion in 2016 (Forbes). Keeping that statistic in mind, the athletes are paid a substantial amount due to the success of the National Football League. As a…

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  • MLB Salary Cap Analysis

    To help achieve a better understanding of how comparable professional athletes are in their respective sports, looking at the top 100 earners in each sport will help. The MLB dominates other sports in average salary for the top 100 earners with 16.4 million dollars. Although the MLB has the highest average salary for the top 100 earners in the sport, they are being undervalued. “On average, teams are undervaluing players by 357,836.64” (Pearce). Since athletes in baseball seem to make the most…

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  • Why Do College Athletes Get Paid?

    Collegian athletes will spend up to 30 hours or more a week practicing or playing their sport. This leaves college athletes with little to no time to, get a job, work on homework, and other academic events. Some of these athletes have scholarships to play in their chosen sport, however many of the scholarships given are not full and these student athletes have to pay other expenses on top of their education. Also not many athletes are given scholarships, the vast majority of student athletes do…

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  • Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

    College Athletes Should Get Paid College athletes are gifted in the world of sports. Every athlete shows up for practice each day and works as hard as they can possibly work. In college, sports are as important as schooling to athletes. Working harder to be number one is the first priority on each athlete 's list of goals. The sports fan base is captivated by the level of play and dedication that college athletes display, only professionals show a higher level of play. Competitors in college…

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  • Athletes As A Role Model

    When asked nowadays many people say they look up to superstar athletes and celebrities as their role models. The dictionary’s definition of a role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people. Personally my definition of a role model is someone who sets great examples for others, people looking up to them, and being inspirational. The role models we choose are how we want our lives to look like in the future. We all need role…

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  • Essay On Why Professional Athletes Should Be Paid

    Why Professional Athletes Make Too Much For What They Are Worth Swish goes the ball, after Kobe shoots a three and scores, think about that one shot he just made more than most american workers with that one shot. When professional sports started, they sky rocketed with fame. Everyone wanted to be part of them, and be famous just like all of the athletes. If professional sports did not exist, think about were all of the money could be, then most of our failing companies can start to thrive with…

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