The Effects Of Injuries In Sports

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Professional sports to middle school athletics you will find Thousands of reports of concussions. Sports are only small part of it. Many reports also come from bicycle accidents, car accidents, and falls. The increase of concussion reports have raised 15% annually, tons of research is being done to help prevent this injury from happening but the brain is a very hard thing to protect when it comes to hard contact. “CTE or Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a very rare condition was discovered from individuals in the brains of people who played contact sports, such as football who took numerous shots to the head lead to brain injury. At first they believed to be limited to just boxers and no other athletes.” (Medical News Today) Boxers …show more content…
“The sudden movement causes brain cells to stretch and tear. The change of electrical and chemical balance the cell functioning and communication in the brain. These cells then go into action, working harder to return to the correct chemical state. This puts the cell in a “highly stressful” state, which puts you in a usable state to function properly or even survive.”(Hard Knocks) Not all impacts or blackouts cause a conclusions. Common side effects of this injury are a little less asperous than compared to others. Their symptoms are headache (feeling of pressure in the head), temporary loss of consciousness, confusion, amnesia, dizziness or "seeing stars”, ringing in the ears, nausea, and possibly vomiting. Most symptoms can last up to three weeks before you can continue on with a normal functioning day. Treatment is done right away when a concussion is reported. If it happens in sports or an accident emergency staff is always supporting the head and neck to ensure safety. “Most important way to heal a head injury is rest.” (concussions) When it comes to thinking with a brain injury is can intersect brain vessels and transmitters to malfunction at times. “Doctors tell patients to avoid loud noises and bright lights to protect them from damaging their receptors even more.” (concussions) To prevent the headaches some take tylenol or

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