What Is The Role Of Domestic Violence In Professional Sports

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Professional sports leagues and Domestic violence.
Domestic Violence: Are Professional Athletes Getting Off Too Easy? Have you ever heard of Ray Rice? Ray Rice is a former Baltimore Ravens player who committed domestic violence crime. Ray Rice was charged with domestic violence and got drop by the team and became a free agent. Domestic violence is defined as violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent
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Major league made a new act because they was tired of all this recidivism. Professional sports leagues should have stricter punishment because they are paying the athletes the same amount as if they were still playing. Overtime domestic violence has increased in time.
1 in 4 women are assaulted by partner of domestic violence. 5 million Americans are victims of domestic violence, every 9 seconds in the United States (Domestic Violence Recidivism Reduction Project). Most domestic violence offenders repeat their acts, If 5 millions american be through it then there’s more to come. If there are many cases going on in America then there can be many more going on in the professional sports leagues. Professional sports leagues should kick out athletes who committed domestic violence more than one time. Professional sports leagues already have stricter

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