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  • Mark Tushnet's Argument Against Formalism

    Mark Tushnet stated “critical legal studies is a sustained attack on all types of formalism.”1 In the late 1970s a group of like minded left wing scholars came together at a conference and created a movement known as Critical Legal Studies (CLS). Their anti-establishment polemic attack opposed the legal orthodoxy of formalist legal doctrine. This essay will critically evaluate how the CLS movement challenged formalism. Firstly exploring the CLS challenge to the scientific approach of formalism, then considering their view on indeterminacy and the methods they used to reveal this. The concept of contradictions will be analysed and discussed with some examples. Finally in considering the different aspects of the essay draw conclusions of their challenge to formalism. Veitch states “Formalism is a theory about how law does contain within its formal, systematic structure all answers to the questions that can be posed in law and legal argument.”2 The essence of formalism assumes that the answers to legal disputes can be deduced and…

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  • Natural Law Theory And Neo-Natural Law Theory

    Fuller further develops this functional understanding, that is neo-natural law. Fullers argument is that a system of law without formal justice, and the rule of law, would be impossible. Fuller 's argument does not fully embrace Aquinas ' standard that an unjust law, is not law it all. Instead, Fuller states that you can still have a legal system with some laws that are unjust, but the system, viewed in entirety, is still just (Fuller 11). Fuller furthers the argument in The Case of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Shift In A Car

    I spent the first week scouring the course catalog and talking to a transfer and an undergraduate advisor. They were both supportive of my newfound dedication to the law and encouraged me to give it a shot. The transition to UT was a struggle. I was taking four government and law classes and was I more academically challenged than I’d been my whole life. About halfway through the semester, though, I felt confident in my decision to pursue law. I enjoyed the parts and procedures involved in the…

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  • Organ Donations: The Gift Of Life

    organ, shortage of organs, and financial status can impact an individual’s position to receive an organ. There is two types of donors living and deceased. When deceased individuals can donate their whole body, even if individual’s endured health challenges such as; diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. However, donating organs or even donating an entire body can possibly promote the use of scientific research and studies to test for cures while saving lives. The advantages to organ…

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  • Malpractice Case: Alterations In The Emergency Department

    Legal Issues Case Study for Nursing Case 2 Nursing Situation: Cindy Black (fictitious name), a four-year-old child with wheezing, was brought into the emergency room by her mother for treatment at XYZ (fictitious name) hospital at 9:12 p.m. on Friday, May 13. Initial triage assessment revealed that Cindy was suffering from a sore throat, wheezing bilaterally throughout all lung fields, seal-like cough, shortness of breath (SOB), bilateral ear pain. Vital signs on admission were pulse rate 160,…

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  • Hart's Theory Of Coercive Orders

    Topic One In the Concept of Law, Hart attempts to depict one of the differing viewpoints to his own beliefs of positivism; this one being Austen’s of which he calls the theory of coercive orders. Essentially, the theory of coercive orders is when a political superior commands a political inferior with the backing of a threat. In what Hart details as a valid legal system, the criminal statute may be construed as a threat, however, the important difference between that and coercive orders is that…

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  • Donating Organs

    will not donate organs. So, others that do believe in donating organs should donate in order to make up for the decrease in available donors. Further, investigated by Randhawa and others, the results showed that no particular religion was against organ donation. Some belief groups gave their opinions on organ donation, “there is no objection to Baha’is either donating their organs or receiving donated organs. Hinduism has always supported organ donation. There is no particular Jewish position…

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  • Organ Donation Problem

    patients’ lives, but unfortunately, there still are some difficulties in fulfilling its potential. This essay will illustrate the causes of the poor rates of organ donation and the possible solutions in three particular areas which are the health care system and laws, the lack of knowledge of medical staff, and the low level of public awareness. Although in the past decade, many countries have attempted to change and remove some of the legal, medical, and social barriers to organ donation,…

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  • Case Study: Plaintiff VELEZ Vs. HUDSON

    DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION 46. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 47. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff HUDSON was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 48. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ would be given directives and take work orders from Defendant BESIKO in the course of her…

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  • Reflection About Street Law

    person and electronically has helped me become a better teacher and therefore a better student – a better lawyer. You were always approachable and you played a significant role (which is an understatement) in making this experience so fulfilling. Also, I genuinely enjoyed going to seminar every Wednesday, you always came in with a huge smile on your face so how could I do any different? That being said, I do have some regrets, my main regret about participating in Street Law is why didn’t I do…

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