A Rhetorical Analysis Of Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani is a famous Italian Fashion house that is into designing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing. Giorgio Armani is a high-end label who specializes in men’s and women’s wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics and perfumes. Armani is a well-known and the fastest growing brand in the fashion industry. Among the most products, Armani jeans is quiet popular. The Armani exchange is a leading clothing company and it has partnered with the lead player Cristiano Ronaldo to promote their product. This paper aims to show that the Armani advertisement uses role reversal to represent male metro-sexuality and power dynamics to sell their product.
To advertise the product, Armani uses multiple channels television commercials, magazines,
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Having an appealing status can be attained by wealth and power may it be through money or through physical strength and certainly appearance which begins to matter more and more to people in this day and age. As explained in the readings that “namely the gender power is now partially lived out at the level of appearance” (Goldman, 1992, pg.108). Here, in the ad commercial the man’s power from his masculinity or physical strength has been illustrated as well as his world famous good looks. This brings in the concept of the metrosexual male, he knows how to dress himself, takes care of his body and isn’t afraid of his more effeminate side, Cristiano fits into most of these categories on and off screen while still maintaining a masculine image. In most ads, it’s the women who are shown presenting various fashion trends and the viewers specifically the men are the ones who look at her and are supposed to admire the clothes and the women in those clothes. Which implies the gaze, as Jody explains in class that the active look of the male and the passive positioning of the female is crucial as women are the objects to be gazed upon and men are the producers of the gaze and this object-subject relationship is power dynamics. (Jody Baker, 2016). But in case of this Armani jeans ad we can see the opposite happening. Here the female is admiring the male, where we can say he …show more content…
He is definitely masculine in the case of being more powerful as said by Jody in class that “Masculinity is less tied to occupation and more towards physicality” (Jody Baker, 2016) as body image is important and masculinity and sexuality can be linked with body image. They choose Cristiano, so as to show that the ideal man for women could be like him, with all the appealing physical traits like his six-pack abs, groomed body and rippling muscles, etc. that have been portrayed in the ad. “Publicity is always about the future buyer. It offers him an image of himself made glamourous by the product”. (Berger, 1972, pg. 113: Goldman, 1992). In the ad, his body and

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