Frankenstein Nature Vs Nurture Analysis

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Love me Tender, Love me sweet
Humans. Are they products of nature or nurture and where do a parents parenting and teachings play into the growth and development of a child 's personality? The world may never know the exact answer to this question and people may never understand the individual thought processes behind people 's aggressive actions. In Mary Shelley 's sci-fi novel, Frankenstein, the creature is a perfect example of being both a product nature and nurture. The creatures self-identity crisis is partially due to growing up without a responsible role model and being different from the humans. However since the creature is derived from human parts, he could be classified as a human, but because he looks strange and different, he is
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The constant build up of low self esteem will eventually cause all sense of right vs wrong to snap therefore aspiring aggression. Sharon Begley, author of the article, The Anatomy of Violence, writes about the psychology behind gun violence: If “an odd child cannot make friends [or] his quirks drive away other kids…[parents often] blame [their child 's socially awkwardness] on genes or brain wiring… [this] magnifies the problematic temperament or behavior and sculpts a psych that hurdles towards criminal violence” because the child begins to think that something is wrong with them, that cannot be fixed (Bergley). This reveals that if a child feels remotely out of place or different from his peers, he will feel inferior. Like these “odd children”, Shelley’s creature discovered that he was different when he encountered a French family in Germany. Upon trying to make friends with the Father of the family of cottagers, the son, Felix, hits the creature, “violently with a stick.” The creature leaves, “overcome by pain and anguish” (Shelly p.97) These examples on not being accepted into a group of individuals often characterizes the person, or in this case, monster, as an outcast, consequently, lowering their self esteem and causing acts of anger and aggression towards those who hurt

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