Rape Culture Essay

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A lot of people have had attitudes, beliefs, and ideas about rape for a long time. Myths like “half dressed women ask for it,” and “some women deserve to be raped,” are historical. Surprisingly, women are still looked at as property of men, and men protect women because they’re deemed as a man’s property. Everybody is taught to have different roles in today’s world. Men are known to be aggressive while women are known to be passive. This stereotypical way of thinking is a generalization. Rape culture awareness is essential for society’s understanding of the negative causes and effects of rape. Rape is sexual intercourse that one performs on another person without their consent. Years ago, men used to be heavily blamed for rape. Rape …show more content…
People think that a rapist is a stranger that waits for a woman to walk by so he can attack, but that’s not always the case. Lots of victims are raped by people they know or are very close to. That’s called date rape. An example of this could be a woman attending a date with someone she’s known for a while. The date starts out okay and ends with him having sex with her all while she doesn’t want to have sex. The other type of rape is called simple rape, which involves weapons or attackers. Simple rape is usually seen in courtrooms where it’s more common for the offender to be found not guilty. Lots of people forget that anyone can be raped. People of all cultures, races, and ages are all vulnerable. According to statistics, Hispanic and African – American women are most vulnerable to rape. Statistics also show that most cases of date rape happen between the end of girl’s adolescent years to their mid-twenties. A woman dating at this point in their life makes them more vulnerable to date rape. Although this type of rape is linked to dating, it isn’t limited to these types of situations. Rape is also committed by friends of the family, past boyfriends, family members, or

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