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  • Amadeus Movie Analysis

    Nicole Orgeron’s Movie Critique- “Amadeus” 10/21/2015 Watch the award winning movie from 1984, “Amadeus” based on Mozart’s life, directed by Milos Forman then answer the questions below to receive credit for this assignment. 1. Name one of the Academy Awards this film has won. One of the Academy Awards Amadeus won was Best Picture. 2. Which actor was nominated for an Oscar in this film? Tom Hulce, was the actor that was nominated for an Oscar for starring in Amadeus. 3. What does the old man at the beginning of the movie do to get brought to the insane asylum? The old man at the beginning of the Amadeus movie, attempts suicide by slicing his throat and wrists. 4. Who goes to visit him there? Father Vogler, a priest, goes to visit the…

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  • Analysis Of Amadeus

    In live production, there are many aspect that contributes to the outcome of the shows. The play Amadeus is a script written by Peter Shaffer. This story is about the history of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a musician with a god gifted talent who struggled to make a living, narrated by his rival Antonio Salieri. Salieri is a well-known court musician who became obsessed with Mozart which led to his jealousy and causes the downfall of Mozart. On the 18th of February, Seattle Public Theatre ran the…

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  • Biography Of Amadeus Mozart

    WolfGang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) His name is not just WolfGang Amadeus Mozart , his real full name is Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He was an austrian composer born in Salzburg , he was known as one of the best in history of western music.Mozart collaborating with Haydn and his good friend Beethoven he brought to his knowledge that the achievement of the Viennese Classical school would be an great opportunity for them all. Unlike any other composer in musical history,…

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  • Amadeus Mozart Comparison

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born in 1756 is one of history’s greatest composers and became a protégé at a young age. When he died in 1791 he had already composed numerous classical pieces that are still considered masterpieces today. In 1979, Peter Shaffer performed his play Amadeus that he fashioned after Alexander Pushkin short play called Mozart and Salieri. The film version came out in the 1980’s. The film is an adaptation of Mozart life and all his struggles as a prodigy, and the man who people…

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  • Reflection Of The Movie Amadeus

    Peter Shaffer’s 1984 film Amadeus is the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, told from the perspective of his peer, so called friend, and rival Antonio Salieri. The movie begins with a man yelling Mozart 's names and saying that he killed him, we soon learn that the man is none other than Antonio Salieri and he is attempting to commit suicide. This act lands him in an insane asylum, where he is then interrogated by Father Vogler a priest who gets Salieri to tell him what he meant by he killed…

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  • Biography Of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was the first major composer of the classical period. Music began in his life at an early age and his talent continued to grow and grow. Today, Mozart is well known for forty-one symphonies. Mozart’s life was pretty extraordinary, he was born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756 and came from a wealthy family of architects and bookbinders. Mozart and his sister, “Nannerl,” were the only two out of seven children to survive. His mother was born in a middle-class…

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Widely considered to be one of the prime examples in music history besides Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is none other than Ludwig van Beethoven. Exceptionally known for being a child prodigy, struggle during his childhood, inevitable loss of hearing and also breaking out of the norms from the Classical Period and venturing out to the Romantic Era in European music, with him being the first. With no doubt, Beethoven has left his own mark on the World and is still one of the most respected and…

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Analysis

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a great and famous Austrian musical prodigy of the seventeenth century who wrote a wide range of symphonies, operas, concertos, and sonatas, and has left behind a legacy for people to embrace. Proposed into a life of music, the virtuoso was born on January twenty-seventh, 1756 in the city of Salzburg, Austria. His father, Leopold Mozart, was a violinist that served as an inspiration for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his musically inclined older sister, Maria Anna…

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  • Wolfgang Amadeus: Fact Vs. Fiction

    still important figures that should be talked about. So, someone who is writing about them may fabricate an event or add things to an event to make it more interesting. Wolfgang Amadeus…

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  • Essay On Rock Me Amadeus

    I enjoyed many experiences on our study tour to Salzburg and Vienna, but my favorite experiences were the guided visit of the Mozart House in the Vienna City Center, the tour and concert of the Mozarteum and Mozart’s opera “La Clemenza di Tito”. I really loved the guided visit of the third Mozart house we went to, the one in Vienna. Not only did it have some really interesting Mozart stuff, but I also loved the exhibition on “Rock Me Amadeus” in the basement of the house. I loved the tour…

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