Amadeus Movie Analysis

Nicole Orgeron’s Movie Critique- “Amadeus” 10/21/2015
Watch the award winning movie from 1984, “Amadeus” based on Mozart’s life, directed by Milos Forman then answer the questions below to receive credit for this assignment.

1. Name one of the Academy Awards this film has won.
One of the Academy Awards Amadeus won was Best Picture.

2. Which actor was nominated for an Oscar in this film?
Tom Hulce, was the actor that was nominated for an Oscar for starring in Amadeus.

3. What does the old man at the beginning of the movie do to get brought to the insane asylum?
The old man at the beginning of the Amadeus movie, attempts suicide by slicing his throat and wrists.

4. Who goes to visit him there?
Father Vogler, a priest, goes to visit the
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6. What is Mozart doing when Salieri sees him for the first time at a party?
When Salieri first sees Mozart, he is chasing a woman to flirt with her and then finds himself in the same room with Mozart and the woman.

7. Who is Mozart’s employer when Salieri first sees him?
Mozart’s employer when Salieri first sees him, is Prince Archbishop of Salzburg.

8. What color waistcoat is Mozart wearing when he meets with Emperor Joseph for the first time?
During Mozart’s meeting with Emperor Joseph, Mozart is wearing a gold waistcoat, with a light purple long dress coat on top.

9. What does Emperor Joseph commission Mozart to do at this meeting?
At the meeting between Mozart and the Emperor, Emperor Joseph commissions Mozart to write an opera in German.

10. What does Mozart do during his meeting with Emperor Joseph to make Salieri resent him?
Salieri starts to resent Mozart, when Mozart plays Salieri’s song by memory after only hearing it once, and then changes the arrangement of the song while playing it to his own likings.

11. What is the name of the girl Mozart marries?
Mozart marries Constanze in the movie
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What scene at first, does the Emperor forbid Mozart to include in his “Marriage of Figaro” opera?
The Emperor forbids Mozart to include a politics scene in his opera.

16. What news does Mozart receive from his wife (holding their baby) when he comes back from a party one night?
While Mozart’s wife is holding their baby sitting at the table, Mozart receives the news that his father has died.

17. What plan does Salieri come up with to destroy Mozart?
Salieri decides he will disguise himself in a mask and tells Mozart to write a Requiem mass. Salieri knows that Mozart’s financial status is not good at the time. Salieri gives Mozart a down payment and promises a large sum of money when the Requiem is complete. Salieri’s plan is to play Mozart’s Requiem mass after he murders him, with hopes of everyone praising Salieri for writing this Requiem mass he did not write.

18. Is Mozart’s first child a son or a daughter?
Mozart’s first child is a son in this movie.

19. Does Salieri’s plan work?
Salieri’s plan does not work. Mozart’s heath declines because of his stress with finances and the death of his father. Although Mozart begins to write the Requiem, he dies before he is able to finish it.

20. What did you like about the

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