Mozart And Haydn Comparison

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Both Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were the representative composers of the Classical music which had far-reaching influence of the future generation. The achievements of Haydn symphony are extremely high, and Mozart made outstanding contribution on opera and piano concertos. There are stylistic similarities and differences in these two composers. I will illustrate the life experience, form, and performance characteristics by using Haydn Keyboard Sonata Hob.50 in C major and Mozart Keyboard Sonata K.333 in B-flat Major to demonstrate it.

Life Experience
Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) Haydn as a great Austrian artist has a very broad area in composition, like piano trio, string quartet, symphony and so on. In the field of Keyboard,
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With the development of the society, the modern piano is very difficult to play the bright and crisp sounds like the harpsichord and fortepiano. Haydn liked to use much more staccato like the beginning in his first movement in sonata Hob.50. So, for Haydn it is necessary to express the crystal sound by using the strength of your fingers and your fingertips need to feel sharp and uniform, and quick notes should be shiny. In contrast, Mozart focus on the dexterity and gorgeousness, therefore, the legato and slur are representative character in Mozart's piece. The fingers should be closed to the keys to maintain the fingertips to be sensitive. Haydn's sound exhibits instrumental rather than vocal characteristics, but Mozart's compositions have more lyrical like a song. Mozart represents a synthesis of many different elements. The music distinguished by its melodic beauty, its formal elegance and its richness of harmony and texture, is deeply colored by Italian opera. Haydn and Mozart, because they are composers in the same era, have many similarities in musical composition and techniques. However, due to differences in their life experiences, their ideological character and their values in life, they make a lot of differences between music style and characteristics. Wo have to recognize their differences clearly to understand better the interpretations of Haydn and Mozart

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