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  • Touchable Untouchable Case Study

    prized possessions even when the offer is well above a reasonable asking price. You are not the foolish owner who would decline trading LeSean McCoy and Emanuel Sanders for Marshawn Lynch, Eric Decker and Odell Beckham Jr. However, you should be the type of owner who will not hesitate to counter a fair trade offer to see if they will up the ante even further. The ability to capitalize on the needs of others and offering inviting incentives to complete a deal makes all the difference in Fantasy Football. How much can you squeeze out of your fantasy opponents during trade talks? Can you walk the fine line between raising the bounty and chasing away a good offer? “You can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can skin it only once.” — Amarillo Slim Preston…

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  • Tulia Cocaine Case Study

    ONE morning in the mid year of 1999, 47 individuals were captured in the Texas Panhandle town of Tulia and accused of managing cocaine. From the begin, the arraignments ought to have seemed suspicious. The majority of those captured were dark; in truth they spoke to one in each five dark grown-ups in Tulia. Is it safe to say that it was truly dependable that such a noteworthy extent of a little group were merchants? What's more, who were they managing to? They were blamed for managing in…

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  • Lennie Monologue

    him to stop. He got carried away and one thing led to another. Next thing he knew, she didn't wake up. Lennie realized what he did and started to panic. All he could think of was what George told him “if you get into trouble you go to the bush where we camped out and wait until I show up”. He snuck out of the ranch and started running to the hiding place carrying a gun with him. Candy was looking for Lennie and went to the barn but found a surprise, curley's wife on the ground and no sign of…

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  • The Perfect Bodies Analysis

    Pressuring People To Have “The Perfect Body” There is not a day where a person does not see at least one picture of a model in a magazine. Anyone can walk through a store and find a magazine with a slim model on the cover. But, that is not all; if they were to keep turning the pages he or she would most definitely find more pictures of models, which all would be skinny. Pictures in magazines like these have always negatively influenced people, but still magazines steadily advertise the models.…

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  • Creative Writing: Lennie's Dream Farm

    sadness to anger and back. He and Slim was…

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  • The Dirty Dozen Analysis

    Believe it or not, Marshall Mathers created the alias (Bozza 20) ‘Slim Shady’ on the toilet. In Michigan, his rap group, The Dirty Dozen (stylized D12), figured that all six members needed an alter ego. The most notable of which came firmly attached to the heels of the infamous Eminem. Eminem himself doesn’t believe too much in ‘pulling punches’ as his raps are often criticized for being heavy in homophobic content and rather misogynistic. While his lyrics are raw, violent and harsh, his…

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