Amazon Basin

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  • Biogeochemistry In The Amazon Basin

    The Amazon River has a mean discharge of 170,000 m3s−1 with a minimum and a maximum of 60,000 m3s−1 and 270,000 m3s−1 (Gallo & Vinzon, 2005). The Amazon River runs through more than 6,700 km. It contributes 17% of the freshwater inputs to the global ocean (Callède et al., 2010; Richey et al., 1986). Located between latitudes 5°N and 20°S and between longitudes 50°W and 80°W, the Amazon basin covers 4/10 of South America and 5% of the worldwide continents. It is spread over several countries: 63% of the total area is in Brazil, 16% in Peru, 12% in Bolivia, 5,6% in Colombia, 2,3% in Equateur, 0,6% in Venezuela and 0,2% in French Guyana (Goulding et al.,…

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  • Deforestation In The Amazon Basin

    The Amazon is the largest tropical forest in the world. It is 2.124 million sq miles. The Amazon basin covers eight countries and cattle ranching is ruining the forest. Find out how cattle ranchers are ruining the forest and how it can be changed, read this article and be blown away! The majority of deforestation is in the amazon basin. Most of the deforestation is caused by cattle ranchers cutting and burning down trees and nature for pasture. 65-70% of deforested areas in Brazil are now…

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  • Economic Benefits Of Deforestation

    deforestation may have profited, it can be very damaging. Economic benefits are shown throughout deforestation. “When land is empty more businesses get built and roads get made to help the economy” (17). Along with that, Amazon deforestation can help with the economy and can also help people…

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  • Greed In Amazon

    According to General Paiva, “International greed for riches of the Brazilian Amazon features a concrete threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity, as it involves interests that tend to be vital in the future, for the global powers". This statement reflects a national concern about the federal autonomy in the region and the real foreigners ' intentions. International´s interest in the Amazon Rainforest resources is the most important national security threat facing Brazilian…

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  • Amazon Rainforest

    largest of these rainforests is the Amazon Basin, located in South America. The Amazon is home to an impressive amount of diversity and it’s location in the perfect place on the planet to ensure a wide variety of life. The Amazon basin is one of the most impressive and superb examples of an Ecosystem. An Ecosystem is a complex community of organisms and environment functioning as an ecological unit. The Amazon is a perfect example of this definition. Located in the tropics where the sun light…

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  • The Sea And The Jungle Analysis

    rapidly evolving world where new discoveries are made in technology on an almost daily basis, it is often important to reflect on the circumstances of the past as they continue to shape events occurring today. The Sea and the Jungle by H. M. Tomlinson can offer the reader an insightful glimpse into the history of Brazil through the lense of fiction, as though peering through the lush foliage of the Amazon rain forest and happening upon the events of an entirely different era of travel and…

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  • Medicinal Plants In The Amazon

    Forests are essential places for therapeutic plants to develop. In the long run these can be utilized as a part of medicinal research. Forest degradation has enormously reduced the accessibility of therapeutic plant species in the Brazilian Amazon. As of today, 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest materials, yet just 1% of plants of the Amazon have so far been tried. Currently, over 120 drugs come from plant-derived sources. Of the 3000 plants identified by the US National…

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  • Tribal Communities

    Tribal communities, in the Amazon Basin, are rooted in tradition. These traditions may seem very foreign to Western cultures, but these tribal societies are now changing rapidly to defend the place they call home through use of technology and languages familiar to our culture. The advancement attempts made the the communities may not be enough; specific communities have been forced to take aggressive measures. The Amazon Basin and its forests are said to be in danger from ventures such as…

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  • Essay On Tropical Rainforest Biome

    The tropical rainforest covers less than six percent of the earth, and happen to be found in three locations: Central America, Africa, and Indo-Malaysia. Specifically, the biome makes up the Amazon river basin, Zaire basin,…

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  • The Amazon Rainforest

    The Amazon Rainforest covers approximately 2,650,000 square miles of land in South America, more than one third of the entire continent. It is full of natural resources, such as fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals derived from plants, oils used for perfumes and detergents, and woods. Comprised of the largest collection of living plant and animal species in the world, this rainforest is also home to hundreds of indigenous tribes, each with their own language, culture, and territory(USA TODAY,…

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