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  • Peru

    Geography- Peru is the third biggest country in South America with an average temperature from 70 degrees fahrenheit in January decreasing to 50 degrees fahrenheit in June on the coast in Lima which is Peru’s capital city. The weather depends on what part of the city you're in like if you're in the snowy mountains, it can be really cold but if you're on the coast it could be hot but the temperature also varies between day to night more than seasonally. There is limited rainfall near the coast and by the warm Pacific Ocean is a current called El Niño that appears every five or six years near the Peruvian coast. Peru has a lot of environmental problems like pollution in their air and water but also have soil erosion. Industrial and vehicle emissions…

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  • Peru Resiliency

    Peru: Land of Resiliency The country of Peru is located in the western part of South America. As the third largest country in South America, it has many different landscapes and climates that span the country from coastline, mountains, and dense forest. It borders many countries to include Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia and Ecuador with its western border consisting of the Pacific Ocean. The origins, people, legends of hidden cities, diverse landscape, and government make Peru one of the…

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  • Portraits In Colonial Peru

    One of the common types of paintings in Colonial Peru during the 18th century was a portrait style depicting a single figure. These portraits were not created to only be a image of the person in the painting, but also to convey information about their life and their accomplishments. One of the most notable examples of this type of painting is the Portrait of Marcos Chiguan Thopa Coronilla Inca. Marcos, a royal Inca descendant is portrayed standing very similar to the posture of the Viceroys next…

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  • Cultural Issues In Peru

    The Republic of Peru is a country situated in the South America. It is a country with different habitats from barren plains to high mountains and tropical Amazon rainforest with Amazon River flowing in the east. The Peruvian population projected in 2015 was 31.2 million. The main spoken language of Peru is Spanish. There is a combination of cultural traditions in Peru due to which there is great variety in cuisine, art, music and literature. Peru is a representative democratic republic; it is…

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  • Essay About Peru

    Peru is a country located on the western coast of South America that borders the South Pacific Ocean and was the center of many ancient civilizations. Such as the Incas whose empire the Spanish conquistadors Diego de Almagro and Francisco Pizarro initiated an invasion and capture in the early 1500 's during the Spanish exploration of South America. The Spanish took control of the country and began to kill most of the Inca highest rulers. However, the biggest killer that the Incas received…

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  • Peru Research Paper

    Peru was first discovered by the Incas thousands of years ago, and while the Incas may not be around anymore their influences are seen all around this beautiful country. The walls that the Inca’s built thousands of years ago still stand today even though there have been many earth quakes throughout the years, in fact the stones that the wall is made out of fit so well together it’s impossible to get a piece of paper in between them. Even the stone roads that the Inca built are still used to this…

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  • Political Changes In Peru

    remarkable reflections in Peru and the rest of the world. Over this period, Peru faced several challenges, from process of recovery in the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008 to political changes and natural disasters. These transformations have reshaped a country that no longer sees itself as a single, homogenous entity. Peru today is more plural and diverse, having emerged from a long period of economic growth and democratic consolidation. However, changes in Peru go beyond the scope…

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  • Ancient Peru Civilizations

    How fortunate are we to live in an era in which all the world’s information is at the tip of our fingers? Through online research, we have gained some knowledge in regards to the enriched history and secrets of Peru. By the end of this project, we were convinced it is one of the most unique and densely cultured countries anyone will ever come across in their lifetime. Located in northern South America, it is home to approximately 30 million Peruvians. It has a strong sense of national identity,…

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  • All About Peru In South America

    All About Peru In South America,the Aztecs, Mayans, and Inca history started here. South America is located right under North America. There is minerals like gold, iron, silver, and copper. In South America, there is the Amazon Rain forest. Toucans, parrots, and a Giant Galapagos Tortoise all live in the forest. In South America, Peru is found. Peru has an ancient feature named Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is built on the Andes mountain in Peru. Inca leaders take Machu Picchu as a royal estate.…

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  • Peru Crime Research Paper

    City of Peru, was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535. With a population of almost 10 million, Lima is the most populous metropolitan area of Peru and the second largest city in the Americas, behind Sao Paulo and before Mexico City. Lima is the country´s commercial and industrial center and one of Latin America´s most important financial centers. And as a big city it also has big problems, one of them, is the crime. Surveys highlight how there are far more Peruvians afraid of…

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