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  • The Pit And The Pendulum Rhetorical Analysis

    With closed eyes, senses of perception, direction, vision, have been stripped away. Poe’s rhetoric remains, the sole survivor of complete sensory deprivation. With his writing techniques, a prevalent exigence is born: Poe aims to convey the effects of pessimistic reasoning on physicality. Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum” portrays the ultimate desolation and revival of thought-processes, emphasizing catalysts of mood, legato, diction. Poe establishes the mood within the story’s first moments: moribund, anguished, sightless. With the narrator’s preambulatory statements, the pessimism is divulged, “[sickness] unto death with long agony… [he] felt [his] senses were leaving [him]” (62). This agony expresses the story’s initial shadow of darkness; the reader is grasped by the stormy tendrils of failure. However, Poe’s introduction, of this stormy mood, is…

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  • The Value Of Life

    views and different ways of looking at valuing life, and none are quite the same. The question seems somewhat metaphysical and can differ from who you ask. It can be taken literally, similar to the Amanda Ripley’s Time Magazine article; in terms of calculating the actual monetary value of life. It can also be taken theoretically, where this is no exactly correct answer. In the end, there is no politically correct way to tackle this question. From my personal perspective, I support the theory…

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  • The Effects Of Pessimism

    Pessimism is a psychological condition and a way of thinking in which an individual has a negative perception about the things around him/her (Reddy, 2014). Being a pessimist means that the person is a negative thinker. These people foresee their future that the worst thing will happen. Negative thoughts came from different origin depends on how people interact with the things that he/she feels and see. This study is significant for every individual living in the world. It helps people to…

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  • Tigger And Eeyore Character Analysis

    somebody who tries to find light even in the darkest of places, while a pessimist wouldn’t bother to look because he knows that he probably won’t find it. In reality, I don’t consider myself to be just optimistic or just pessimistic. I would call myself an “optimistic pessimist”. You’re probably wondering what the hell that means. There are some circumstances where the two can actually co-exist. I am somebody who can be very positive but at the same time also negative about life. Not everybody…

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  • Themes Of Hope In Nectar In A Sieve By Kamala Markandaya

    Nathan’s family, but they always had an optimistic outlook on their future even though they were living a destitute life. Therefore, when going through a time of hardship, one must get through it intrepidly with a hopeful mindset and use the idea of hope as motivation to accomplish one 's goals. Furthermore, one must not only have hope, because the idea of hope alone is not enough for one to get through a hardship. Hope is only useful when one takes action. The only way one can…

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  • The Benefits Of Arsenic Essay

    Be pessimists? Debbie downers? CNN news anchors? Of corse not. In fact, negative thinking can be just as delusional as the positive kind. In his book, Hope without optimism, Dr. Terry Eagleton states that the problem with both, optimism and pessimism is that neither our action. They 're simply passive traits, we assume that being optimistic is a choice that will rid us of all of our problems. When in reality, such a mindset only engenders passivity in the face of injustice ignorance to the…

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  • Popular Psychology: A Brief Summary

    However, the instrument used to explore attitude was the 5-item Emotional Well-being (EWB) subscale (Coyne et al., 2007b). A 5-item subscale does not seem enough to evaluate attitudes, moreover, if this one has been given only at one point in time during 9 years of study. Conversely, there are many examples that contradict Coyne et al., (2007b)’s findings; one of them is the study conducted by Novotny et al., (2010). In this study, 534 individuals diagnosed with lung cancer formed the sample.…

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  • Accepting Personal Responsibility

    I believe that I have always held myself to a high regard, but it really depends on my feelings and mood. There are days where my pessimism will overpower any accomplishment I have ever made. There are other days where I feel like very good about myself. However, I believe that this course has helped me manage and overcome my pessimistic thoughts. This will be really helpful, because there are days where my pessimism makes me want to give up and quit. But by strengthening my inner guide voice I…

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  • The Influence Of Optimism In My Life

    From a young age, I was taught to always find the bright side of any situation. My mom would tell me that I needed to be positive in even the worst circumstances. Growing up with this positive policy had worked throughout my younger years, but began to diminish once entering my teen years. For some people as they grow older, their views, their attitude, and their personality begin to change. The moment one enters their teen years, being innocent is no longer an excuse. One may embark on new…

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  • Examples Of Positive Thinking Muscles

    Flex Your Positive Thinking Muscles There have been many quotes written on the topic of positive thinking and even many more books written about this same subject. Yet everyday people fall into the rut of negative thinking. When someone asks if something can be done, what is your first thought? Do you immediately start brain storming of ways to make it happen or do you immediately say, “you can’t do that” or “that is impossible”. Some would argue that their experience tells them it is…

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