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  • Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1 Analysis

    The lighting will still be a darker tint on Hamlet, as they try to find where they have place Polonius and reveals that he buried the body during this part of the scene a dark ambient should be played. When he leaves and Claudius tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to follow him sounds of suspense should be played. Scene 15- This scene Denmark plains should be well lit as they are outside. With a back drop of Green hills covered in soldiers and blue partial cloudy skies. The sounds of Soldiers talking in the back ground. Scene 16- This scene will be back in a Room in the Castle. The lighting upon Ophelia in this scene should be a purple/black tint to show her sorrow over the death of her father. The sound for this part should be dark ambient. With the exit of her and the entrance of Laertes. The tint on him should be a red/brown to show his Anger over the death of his father. The sounds should be that of marching and panic as the Danes break into the room leading the dialogue between him and the King. When Ophelia returns the lighting should show her sorrow and madness once again. Scene 17-This scene takes place in Another Room in the Castle. It should be well lit. The lighting focused and Horatio…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ebay

    The internet is an important method of connecting people all over the world. Not only can people communicate over the internet, people can use it as a way to buy, sell, and trade pieces of their culture. Ebay and other trading and bidding sites make it easy to find artifacts from around the world. However, this also makes it easier for people to sell artifacts illegally, or sell fake ones. The list of Egyptian Antiquities on Ebay is pages and pages long, with many artifacts that could be fake,…

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  • It Follows Film Analysis

    While some horror films have dramatic, bombastic soundtracks that appear out of science to shock the viewers, It Follows has a much more subtle way to evoke fear in its audience. The music in the movie almost never starts off loud. In fact, it usually begins at a level that is almost impossible to hear and. As the soundtrack slowly crescendos, the background noise becomes quieter, until the sounds of the score have completely drowned out the sounds from the scene. The score mainly consist of…

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  • Film Analysis Of Okuribito Departures?

    the pure diegetic silence, ambient sound, and object sound effects. “Music acts roughly like a linguistic modifier, helping to clarify the particular mood, character, or emotive significance of a scene or visual action” (Fiscoff 2005, p24). This unification between the different sound elements can be heard during Daigo’s first encounter with a decomposing body. Noting that “the sound track can clarify image events, contradict them, or render them ambiguous” (Bordwell and Thompson, 1985, p184);…

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  • Concurring Student Creativity: The Importance Of Background Sound

    their attention and mental efforts on one object. Is it true that one can reach creativity heights with background noise, or even write a quality paper while listening to music? In this research study, I will be testing and examining why students need background noise to be…

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  • Human Shaped Object Analysis

    “Human Shaped Objects” The show of electronic music that I attended was Telemetry music series featuring Rob Mackay, Human Shaped Object, Grand Banks on November 9th at the Bridge progressive arts initiative. The concert began with Rob Mackay’s performance. He is a composer and a sound artist and a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Hull. He has received numerous accolades and awards internationally. The music he played explored repetition and was very interesting. However, the…

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  • Servicescape In Consumer Behaviour

    countered by Yalch and Spangenberg (2000) found that customers inaccurately reported that they shopped longer when presented to known music; they really shopped longer when they were presented to new music (cited in Vida, Obadia and Kunz, 2007). Music’s impact on shopping conduct found that altogether less time was spent in the stores when the music was loud contrasted with when it was soft (Smith and Curnow, 1966 cited in Alpert and Alpert, 1990). Gardner (1985) proposed in their study that,…

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  • Marcel Mettelsiefen's Film, Children Of Syria

    shambles and most of the homes were abandoned. Some of the homes were even torn in half. There a moment in the documentary where Mohammed and his friend are sitting in an apartment, but the other half is missing. Seeing images like the one above was heartbreaking to see and this documentary takes you through these many different emotions as you watch the family on the screen. There’s a point in the beginning of the documentary where the film crew catches Abu Ali, the children’s father and a…

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  • Continuity Theory Of Music Therapy

    Music therapy is a classification of the treatment arts, which focuses on people needing interventions for chronic diseases and dementias ( Many gerontology specialists of the treatment arts collaborate to develop interventions to reduce patients’ pain, anxiety, clinical depression, and healthcare costs. The practice of music therapy has existed since Antiquity (i.e., Samuel 16:14-23). However, after the First World War, music therapy gained attention when doctors observed…

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  • John Cage

    remove the “as if” phrase in his personal philosophies on music. Through use of chance methods and indeterminate music, essentially John Cage removes himself completely from the music. He allows the performer to create the music themselves. He is not simply letting the brush be guided AS IF by someone else, he literally is letting someone else do the brushing. Chance music (aleatoric music) has been around since the time of Mozart. It is the art of creation of music by chance techniques (the…

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