It Follows Movie Analysis

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The movie that I reviewed was It Follows, a movie written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. The movie follows Jay Height: a teenager who is being pursued by a strange entity that is trying to kill her. This entity can take the shape of any person, stranger or loved one, and was passed down to her after sleeping with her boyfriend. The only people who can see the entity are those who have, at some point, been cursed by it. Throughout the movie, the entity relentlessly follows Jay, however, it can only walk; not run. The majority of the movie is spent simply showing us how Jay and her group of friends manage to avoid being captured by the entity. Near the end of the film, Jay and her friends set up a trap at a closed public pool to try and destroy the entity. They attempt to lure it into the pool and, once it is inside, they would drop several powered, electronic devices into the pool to eliminate it. However, they are unsuccessful, and the film ends with Jay and her friend Greg holding hands and walking through their neighborhood as the entity follows them from behind.
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In one scene, Jay and her friends visit her ex-boyfriend who was cursed before her in order to get more information about the monster. Dialogue ensues, and the buildup of music begins. As the music grows louder, Jay’s ex becomes more panicked and focuses in on a figure approaching the group. The music continues to swell as the audience is led to believe that this figure is the monster. At the climax of the scene, Jay’s ex asks the group if they can see the figure as well, to which they all reply with an anti-climactic ‘yes’. The music stops abruptly and the audience sighs in relief. Although the figure turned out to be a real person, the score still succeeded in filling the audience with

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