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  • It Follows Film Analysis

    While some horror films have dramatic, bombastic soundtracks that appear out of science to shock the viewers, It Follows has a much more subtle way to evoke fear in its audience. The music in the movie almost never starts off loud. In fact, it usually begins at a level that is almost impossible to hear and. As the soundtrack slowly crescendos, the background noise becomes quieter, until the sounds of the score have completely drowned out the sounds from the scene. The score mainly consist of digitally-rendered ambient sounds along with synthesizers and percussion instruments. In scenes where the monster is pursuing one of the characters, it is not uncommon to hear a deep, steady beat pulsing in the background. This steady repetition and slow buildup are common motifs in the soundtrack that almost seem to mirror the monster’s own actions. Steady drum beats mimic the monster’s steady footsteps. The gradual increase of volume and complexity of the music often signifies the gradual approach of the creature. One particular scene makes me think of this connection. In the scene, Jay and her friends have left their town and gone to a beach…

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  • Film Analysis Of Okuribito Departures?

    The film score was developed by Joe Hisaishi and is s compelling contrast to the pure diegetic silence, ambient sound, and object sound effects. “Music acts roughly like a linguistic modifier, helping to clarify the particular mood, character, or emotive significance of a scene or visual action” (Fiscoff 2005, p24). This unification between the different sound elements can be heard during Daigo’s first encounter with a decomposing body. Noting that “the sound track can clarify image events,…

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  • Marcel Mettelsiefen's Film, Children Of Syria

    were even torn in half. There a moment in the documentary where Mohammed and his friend are sitting in an apartment, but the other half is missing. Seeing images like the one above was heartbreaking to see and this documentary takes you through these many different emotions as you watch the family on the screen. There’s a point in the beginning of the documentary where the film crew catches Abu Ali, the children’s father and a leader in the rebel group the Free Syrian army, and his soldiers…

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  • The Importance Of Taste In Music

    In 2012 a study out of Newcastle University revisited the land of gross noises and subjected 16 people to 74 different sounds from running water to the scrape of knives on glass, asking them to rank them on a scale from pleasant to excruciating. [pic: PD] Once again, the worst of the sounds fell in that bad-Hertz sweet spot, but more interesting than how the offensive sounds ranked was what they did to the peoples’ brains. With the help of an MRI machine, researchers kept tabs on which brain…

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  • Reflective Essay # 3

    Now my dad stopped chewing tobacco around a year ago. Great, I know! To fill the empty void of chewing tobacco he has taken up chewing gum, while I am happy that this change has been made, it can be known to drive me crazy. I’m not sure what’s worse the snapping of the gum after a bubble or the chewing noise in a small quiet room or car, either way it drives me up a wall. Now the noise of gum has bothered me since like middle school, and I know it bothers quite a few of people, but it’s just…

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  • Descriptive Essay On A Soundwalk

    Before embarking on my soundwalk, I had a few basic expectations of sounds I would encounter, mostly based on prior memories of wandering MIT’s campus. I knew what the soft, low murmurs should sound like when traversing the corridors. I knew to expect the clip-clop of hard stepping walkers in the silent tunnels, and the high pitched buzzing and whining of electrical components overhead. Outside, the wind would make soft, mid pitched whuuu and shhh noises, which would serve as background for…

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  • The Black Room-Personal Narrative

    I awoke quickly in the pitch black bedroom from a sound down the hall, my best friend laying beside me still in a deep sleep. As I lay still, (deathly still, deathly quiet, lifeless) I think to my self, “ am I hearing things, have I gone crazy?” (delirious, insane) I hear the noise coming from down the hall, I jump up and cautiously walk toward the bedroom door, the slightest light shining off from my alarm clock is glaring threw the dark (Lightless) bedroom. Grasping the bedroom door handle,…

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  • John Cage's Number 33 Analysis

    not what the piece about. I believe that John Cage's 4 "33" is about silence and possibly time. The first value that I think is significant to the composition is silence. When I think of the word silence, nothingness comes to mind. What I mean by nothingness is no noise; you hear not one person or any other kind noise around you.…

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  • The Importance Of Self-Serving Behavior In Gilmore Girls

    Rory to stay at his place with him. This is the type of behavior that we see in stage two. Both Logan and Rory are receiving something out of the exchange and thus it is fine for them to have an affair. Kohlberg states that in these stages, higher levels of reasoning also contain the understanding of the lower reasoning stages. This “hierarchical integration” is due to the fact that these stages always move forward (Kohlberg & Hersh, 1977). Regression is only possible in cases of extreme…

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  • Essay On Hospital Noise

    effects of excessive hospital noise on patients, the article by Ryherd, Waye and Ljungkyist (2008) examines the effect of these high noise levels on unit staff. Ninety one percent of nurses surveyed felt that noise negatively affected them in their daily work, and almost half admitted to adjusting alarm levels so that they would not hear them. The literature review conducted by Ryherd et al. revelaed that staff take no action for the majority of audible alarms, which can explain why in Akansel…

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