Reflective Essay # 3

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The People that have Shaped Trevor Olson’s, Life
Trevor Olson Since I could not come up with a topic for my “example essay”, Mrs. Gast assigned one for me to do. “Who in my life has shaped me into the person I am today?” As I thought about this topic I thought, “Hmm obviously my parent and family, coaches, teachers, activities/sports etc have shaped me,” but, for some reason I couldn’t put into words how they’ve shaped me. So, I chose one thing about me that people in my life have shaped, and that’s my misophonia or selective sound sensitivity syndrome. My parents and brother are the reason that I have acquired misophonia, and from time to time I resent them for that. I think my brother almost enjoys getting me going by making all of the
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It’s not that I don’t like chips or something, but the continuous crunching is known to drive me insane. My brother will sit down with a bag of chips, and once I notice I am forced to immediately turn up the television volume. In the end this usually actually doesn’t help whatsoever, the crunching usually fills the entire room. Next, I usually just go ahead and tell him to leave. (Maybe not in the nicest way) He usually replies with something that bothers me even more like, “This is the living room, and I’m living.” So, in the end, after I realize that this won 't be a battle I will win, I just end up leaving, usually not in the happiest …show more content…
Now my dad stopped chewing tobacco around a year ago. Great, I know! To fill the empty void of chewing tobacco he has taken up chewing gum, while I am happy that this change has been made, it can be known to drive me crazy. I’m not sure what’s worse the snapping of the gum after a bubble or the chewing noise in a small quiet room or car, either way it drives me up a wall. Now the noise of gum has bothered me since like middle school, and I know it bothers quite a few of people, but it’s just been magnified since it’s around everyday now I guess. These sound are one of the easier ones to deal with, I 'm usually able to drown these sounds out pretty easy whether that be with the TV, radio, earbuds, not too difficult, but still a

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