Reflective Essay On My Two Lessons

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This essay explains my experience when teaching my two lessons while being evaluated by my mentor teacher. I will review what strategies I used as well as the literacies that are used in each. I also discuss my inability to use the TMSFA and Three Minute Reading Assignment within my lesson. Collectively, I shall describe how my students reacted to my strategies, and discuss what did and did not go well for my students and I. Finally, changes to my lessons for future teaching will be mentioned.
Literacies, Assessments, and Responses Before teaching this lesson I had much to learn about how to approach executing a lesson plan, now I have a good experience to build on for future lessons. Since I had a good experience teaching, I am able to focus on what I applied from my class to be successful, and I can examine how well my teaching strategy worked. Many components of my lesson went well; however, I need to work on a few aspects in order to fine-tune my teaching skills. The main focus for this project was learning and improving my abilities for future classes, and I believe I would change some parts of the lesson to accommodate and enhance the students’ learning experience. Both lessons taught included types of energies and how that energy is transferred throughout systems in everyday objects.
Literacies, Assessments, and Responses Learning the five literacies in class really helped me because the knowledge guided me to incorporate them in my pedagogy strategies. The pre-assessment strategy I used was called a
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I was able to use the connections I made while administering it, but the lesson strategies I used did not target the weaknesses of the students. Although both assessments can help a full time teacher, it was hard to incorporate them in the two lessons I taught.
The Good, Bad, and

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