Algonquian Reflection

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When he came to the film, it was clear to see that it 's the Algonquians focused on survival. The menfolk used on the hunting and gathering wall of the womenfolk used one the food processing. In an early scene of the movie it displayed the women processing the food. They wear matching red berries against fabric for the purpose of eating, along with preparing the meat to be cooked .The Algonquian and also worked on but tentacle skills at the very end of the movie when everyone in the tribe became sick. The Ikwe film also consisted of a lot of spiritual knowledge. There were points that the movie showed Ikwe had dreams and visions. There were also points of geography, naming places in which trade would be made where Angus and Ikwe settled. Ikwe’s …show more content…
Angus was not pleased by this and punished the boy. This is where the trouble began with the different values because the child was just respecting his mother’s values but apparently disrespecting his father’s values at the same time. Daniel had an understanding of both parent’s values but one eventually overpowered the on. He was forced to go back to Montreal with his father’s friend in order to learn like the usual European boy. This meant that with Daniel living and learning as what was an “American” at the time, he would forget all of his mother customs that he was once taught,Catherine was more of the opposite of Daniel. She had a great understanding of her father’s values and little of her mothers. That could just be due to the fact the she was of a younger age than her brother and was born into her father’s values. Because Ikwe left Angus after her son was taken from her, Catherine would have more of an understanding of nature and the values that her mother had taught her. When playing with the other children of the Algonquian people, it was apparent that she had no understanding their lifestyle. When taken away from the only life you know it can be a very scary

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