Human Shaped Object Analysis

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“Human Shaped Objects”

The show of electronic music that I attended was Telemetry music series featuring Rob Mackay, Human Shaped Object, Grand Banks on November 9th at the Bridge progressive arts initiative. The concert began with Rob Mackay’s performance. He is a composer and a sound artist and a Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Hull. He has received numerous accolades and awards internationally. The music he played explored repetition and was very interesting. However, the performance that caught my attention the most was the ambient music piece called “Human Shaped Objects” played by Eli Stine and cellist Kevin Davis. The music explores music, sound, and space in a unique way and create a unique experience for the audience.

Background information on the artists

In order to understand why these artists performed this piece of music, it is important to understand their background and their experiences in music. One of the performers is Eli Stine. As a composer and pursuing a Ph.D. in Composition and Computer Technologies at the University of Virginia, he composes music ranging from acoustic to electronic music. His works incorporate multimedia technologies, and some integrate live performances with computer-generated
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The artists performed their music using polyphonic grain generator, and according to Eli Stine, this “murmuration” was modeled after a sound of flocking birds. For this piece, eight different speakers were placed in the room, and computer-generated sound was transmitted through those stereos. As we learned from class, using stereos create the effect that sound can be heard from various directions. Furthermore, using multiple channels complemented the characteristics of this ambient music as the audience could not directly see the sound

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