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  • Film Analysis Of Okuribito Departures?

    The film score was developed by Joe Hisaishi and is s compelling contrast to the pure diegetic silence, ambient sound, and object sound effects. “Music acts roughly like a linguistic modifier, helping to clarify the particular mood, character, or emotive significance of a scene or visual action” (Fiscoff 2005, p24). This unification between the different sound elements can be heard during Daigo’s first encounter with a decomposing body. Noting that “the sound track can clarify image events, contradict them, or render them ambiguous” (Bordwell and Thompson, 1985, p184); the scene starts with the sound of flies and the sight of maggots eating decomposing food, the atmospheric and diegetic sound make a discomforting audio landscape. However, since it is contrasted by the score “First…

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  • Theme Of Memory In Spirited Away

    In Miyazaki’s Spirited Away the role of memory allows a person, river or spirit to leave the spirit world and assume one’s original identity and name in which Youbaba takes from you. Throughout the story Haku reminds Sen to remember that her true name is Chihiro. If Sen forgets that she is Chihio, then she will never be able to leave and Haku is in that position. Also Chihiro’s memory also keeps her attached to her parents because if she forgets which pigs are parents, then she will not be able…

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  • The Role Of Animation In Spirited Away

    Animators have the best inspirational believe for many people to see life in another perspective. Animation is created for everyone to view the different experiences life experiences based on genres. Similarly, it depends on how the animators show their personal perceptions and experiences in their storylines. Meanwhile, the audience can see the animators’ point of view or have another perspective towards the animators’ goal. A successful animator is able to create a captivating storyline and…

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  • Film Analysis Of Distorted Away

    What’s In A Name? The 2001 film Spirted Away is an animated feature by the well-known Studio Ghibli, about a young girl named Chihiro. Through a series of strange circumstances she can not find her parents and is forced into servitude at a bathhouse for yokai, or monsters and spirits from Japanese folklore. Despite it being geared towards a younger audience as a coming of age story, this movie holds a surprising amount of symbolism and thought-provoking questions. The power of words, so to…

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  • Trader Joes Case Study

    Case Study 1 Trader Joe’s Keeping a Cool Edge The average Trader Joe’s stocks only a small percentage of the products of local supermarkets in a space little larger than a corner store. How did this neighborhood market grow to earnings of $9 billion, garner superior ratings, and become a model of management? Take a walk down the aisles of Trader Joe’s and learn how sharp attention to the fundamentals of retail management made this chain more than the average Joe. From Corner Store to…

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  • Short Story On Raindrops

    Raindrops. Drip. Drip. Drip. Clouds, gray and hiding any sign of sunlight. It looks miserable and cold but it matches my mood so it doesn 't bother me. I need to get out, It 's horrible to be stuck in this room. I want to be out in the rain. Peeling myself away from the window, I can the floor for my hoodie and Converse. "Where could they be?" I mutter, kicking clothes around. My toe clips the edge of a shoe hidden underneath a pile of clothes. I freeze as the pain pulses from my foot. Angrily,…

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  • President Obama's State Of The Union Address

    his first State of the Union Address in 2008. Over the past year President Obama and Joe Biden have both made it a priority to medical research, but more importantly the medical research in the development of fighting cancer. President Obama also stated that in the past year Vice President Joe Biden said that America could cure cancer. Vice President Biden has also provided scientists with some of the best resources that is known in today’s society. President Obama then announced that Joe…

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  • Barbie Doll Vs Joe Action Figure Analysis

    young boys with action figures while most girls are commonly associated with dolls, but this begs the question, what is the difference between a doll and an action figure? I went to Walmart to compare two different toys, Barbie dolls and G.I. Joe action figures to see the differences and the possible effects that it could have on children. Upon entering Walmart, I noticed that there was a lack of ethnic diversity in both the customers and the employees. A majority of the people in the store…

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  • The Old Man And The Sea Analysis

    The short story, The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway, is about a unlucky fisherman named Santiago. Everyone in the village thinks badly about him because it has been so long since he has caught a fish. Santiago has an apprentice named Manolin. Manolin still fishes and learns from Santiago despite Santiago’s bad reputation throughout the village. After Santiago has a dream about his childhood, Santiago takes his boat out further than any other fisherman has gone before. As Santiago is…

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  • Shoeless Joe Jackson Return To America Analysis

    In Kinsella's Shoeless Joe Jackson returns to Iowa, Kinsella questions the American fascination with the past and also criticizes Americans and their dreams. By presenting what is basically a ghost tale disguised as an American sports story, Kinsella blurs the lines between practicality and what is unreasonable. A middle aged farmer, Ray Kinsella who obsesses over a baseball diamond to the point in which it almost causes financial turmoil builds a baseball field to watch the ghost of Shoeless…

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