The Role Of Animation In Spirited Away

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Animators have the best inspirational believe for many people to see life in another perspective. Animation is created for everyone to view the different experiences life experiences based on genres. Similarly, it depends on how the animators show their personal perceptions and experiences in their storylines. Meanwhile, the audience can see the animators’ point of view or have another perspective towards the animators’ goal. A successful animator is able to create a captivating storyline and let children believe in a magical world through the animator’s perspective. Specifically, many animators have successfully created a movie to catch audiences’ attention. Many animators have designed and outlined in order to properly express their …show more content…
Every kid grew up watching some kind of animation, and most of them prepare them for life. To clarify, Hayao Miyazaka’s animation lets children imagine what could be possible in the world through his fairy-tales. In “Spirited Away,” about a little girl named Chihiro, who is moving away from her hometown, while her father made a mistake and took the wrong road. Chihiro’s father explores the traditional town, but she wants to hurry to the new home. As a scary-cat, Chihiro went with her parents to explore, and they notice there is no one there. Her parents find cooked food at a small little shop, and decide to eat the food. In Asia, we would pray and present food for the dead. Presently, Chihiro loses her parents, when they ate the spirits food and became pigs. Chihiro runs away because she is scared as the town starts to become filled with spirits, and she met a boy named Haku. He helped Chihiro with his spiritual powers, so she can stay alive as a human. As the story goes on, the main character, Chihiro becomes braver towards her fears, and she found the solution to bring her parents back to normal. Certainly, fear comes in many forms, but there needs to be action to overcome it. For me, I was that feared happiness because it never existed in my life, and everything around me was destructive. Later in my life, I started to reach for it, and I finally made some

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