Godfather's Of Animation

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The godfather’s of animation and the - , How do they compare to one another?, How do they vary?. One might think the similarities between animation and painting is scarce, but when the traditional methods are brought to light can that still be considered as true?.
When people aspire toward’s animation in today’s society, it often the bastions of traditional animation that capture the imagination, such as Studio Ghibli, founded by animator and director Hayao Miyazaki. The dedication by the company installed by it’s founder is the animator’s strive to capture the textured stroke’s and fluency as seen in hand-drawn animation and that aspiration was most notably set as a foundation by Walt Disney, the pioneer of animation.
This dedication is mimicked
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Animation, at the start is simply a sketch - a drawing if one would, then it evolves to character design, framework, colouring and refining until finally reaching the animation clip. Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is shown to the left as an example of the sketch progressing into the framework or screenshot. The pencil work that is the starting point of all ideas is utilised as the foundation to every artistic form. The technique is the same, but the degree of the detail an artist puts into the sketch of an artwork is entirely unique to the person and their practise, shown here is a sketch by Michelangelo. One could compare the degree of detail both an animator and painter uses, but when considering the level detail gone into a finished product, especially from Michelangelo’s era, would it be responsible for a an animator to do the …show more content…
Children are blissfully unaware of political issues so they are able to grow without oppressive influences in todays world, many of Miyazaki’s films showcase this ideal flawlessly.
The 1995 film Whisper of the Heart is a representation of the statement; when one watches the film its simple about a girl and a boy. This is however just one of the ideas shown in one of Miyazaki’s animations though it does relate to Disney’s own animation more so than any other Studio Ghibli production. Similarities of idea’s and values between Whisper of the Heart and Cinderella are on level with each other, particularly in the romance and overcoming boundaries.
These factors to Miyazaki’s and Disney’s work create the signification in both Disney Studio Ghibli productions thus the semiotic theory is relevant. Semiotic theory itself is a field of study that is concerned with signs or the process of creating meaning.
The notion of ‘sign’ has numerous definitions but definition that applies

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