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  • Short Story On Raindrops

    Raindrops. Drip. Drip. Drip. Clouds, gray and hiding any sign of sunlight. It looks miserable and cold but it matches my mood so it doesn 't bother me. I need to get out, It 's horrible to be stuck in this room. I want to be out in the rain. Peeling myself away from the window, I can the floor for my hoodie and Converse. "Where could they be?" I mutter, kicking clothes around. My toe clips the edge of a shoe hidden underneath a pile of clothes. I freeze as the pain pulses from my foot. Angrily, I pull out my shoes and find my hoodie laying nearby. "It 's now or never," I mumble and pull the hood over my long black hair. I think to myself that if I just go through the front door, dad would be pissed, he hates my guts. The only other way out is the window. I work my way over to the window and stretch my arms out toward the lock. If I leave to see her, he 's going to hurt me. I shake my head violently to get rid of the thought. I unlatch the window and kick out the screen. I peer down at the three-story drop and my stomach does circles. Out of nowhere my door flys open and my father is standing in the doorway, "What the hell do you think you 're doing?" he screeches. This is it, I have to jump now. I hesitate as I look down again and my father 's booming voice shakes the room, "Answer me." There is a long silence but withing that silence there are thunder and lighting. "That 's it..." he trails off and marches toward me. I climb the ledge and throw myself out the window, closing…

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  • Library Card Essay

    On a late Thursday afternoon, I thought it would be have been a nice day to go library and get some books. Being a geeky teenage girl, I love to read anything from a mystery to a good thriller. My day started off great! A big bowl of Frosted Flakes, a bright early morning and a little bit of television. Nothing could go wrong… or could it? “Oh crap, where’s my library card”.I yelled in frustration. I began to search through all my pockets and in between my father’s car seats.After fifteen…

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  • My Bible Experience

    This summer as been a blessing and I want to share part of my journey. I want to start off my thanking my bible study leader, Yoly and Lisa along with everyone else at Appleton Alliance Church. Going back to when I was in middle school and high school I would go to AAC but sadly never considered what I was learning to be meaningful, in one ear and out the other. I was to focused on what time is it, how many more songs are we singing, how much longer until we get home, and so on. I never…

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  • An Essay On My Cultural Identity

    My Culture Identity Everyone has a culture that identifies their identity. As in who they are or where they come from. They 're many different cultures in the world. A culture is a tradition past on to a family generation. Every culture has different holidays, traditon but more importantly style. It represents what type of music you listen to or what type of clothing you wear. Most people find their culture by their family. For example; gandparents, mother, father. This essay is about how…

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  • W. L. Gore Leadership Style

    Abstract Leaders that stand out from the past typically are known for something spectacular, something that made them stand out at the time, and something that they can be remembered for. Mr. Rockefeller was an industrialist and philanthropist who did well for himself. His ability to lead and influence people helped him to acquire many companies and interests. His vast wealth allowed him to lead development in the area of medical research. People chose to follow him and believe, which may have…

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  • Mexican Cultural Traditions

    As Mexicans emigrated from the familiarity of their homes and learned new life in the United States, many preserved native culture traditions to aid the transition. Some Mexicans decided to adopt many American customs, while others stuck to their roots. Ultimately, their lifestyles were influenced, but many Mexican traditions were conserved. Some of the customs that Mexicans retained include religion, food, and entertainment. They kept these traditions like a piece of home. It made new life in…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Tequila Grill

    The Tequila Grill Tequila Grill located in downtown Kalona, Iowa is the best mexican restaurant I have eaten at. The restaurant can be found with ease, even if you are not familiar with the area. I would recommend people come all the way from Iowa City to try this restaurant. Positioned on the corner of Main Street the restaurant has a sign sitting in the corner of the yard that can be seen from the road. It is one block away from Highway One that runs through the town of Kalona. Once…

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  • Virginia Woolf's We Are What We Eat?

    We are what we eat. The most common expression that no one seems to understand the real meaning behind it. When people think about this saying, the first thing that comes to mind is do not eat that cheeseburger because you are what you eat. If you eat not healthy food therefore you are not healthy. This idea ties into what we have learned throughout the semester, what we eat makes us up. The food that we eat not only makes us up but it tells others about our culture, religion, gender, and…

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  • Muhammad Ali's Boxing Career

    Before Mohammed Ali was Muhammad Ali he was Cassius Marcella clay Jr .Muhammad Ali filled his way to success when his boxing career all started because his bicycle was stolen and a Louisville police officer Joe Martin who was a boxing trainer suggesting that the young Ali should first learn how to fight.18 year old Muhammad who just graduated high school making it to the Rome Olympics came back home to Louisville a gold medalist in 1960 but that joy quickly faded away when he was refused…

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  • Trader Joes Case Study

    Case Study 1 Trader Joe’s Keeping a Cool Edge The average Trader Joe’s stocks only a small percentage of the products of local supermarkets in a space little larger than a corner store. How did this neighborhood market grow to earnings of $9 billion, garner superior ratings, and become a model of management? Take a walk down the aisles of Trader Joe’s and learn how sharp attention to the fundamentals of retail management made this chain more than the average Joe. From Corner Store to…

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