Greed In Amazon

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According to General Paiva, “International greed for riches of the Brazilian Amazon features a concrete threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity, as it involves interests that tend to be vital in the future, for the global powers". This statement reflects a national concern about the federal autonomy in the region and the real foreigners ' intentions. International´s interest in the Amazon Rainforest resources is the most important national security threat facing Brazilian sovereignty today because of the jungle unparalleled potential, which intensifies the external interest and forces Brazilian government to improve the control in this region. First of all, the abundance of Amazon natural resources, allied with the rising of its scarcity in the world , arise the international interest in the region. Next, foreigners deepen their presence in the …show more content…
China, for example, is short of 25 kinds of mineral resources, including 11 that are crucial to the local economy and the Asia Giant will face a severe shortage of mineral resources by 2020. Furthermore, according to the Pacific Institute, 1 billion people already have difficulty in accessing drinking water and by 2050, a total of 4.8 billion people will be in water stress situation. Moreover, the conflicts caused by the lack of water already happen in some parts of the word, like in Darfur region, in Western Sudan, and between the countries crossed by Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in the Middle East. In 2013, James R. Clapper Jr., the director of US National Intelligence, described the scarcity of natural resources (including water) as such a threat as terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To all that, the privileged status of Amazonia became a worry for the Brazilian government, mainly after global Power leaders

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