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  • My Passions: The Emergence Of Modern Media Technology

    had a tremendous impact on how people access and listen to music. Moreover, music streaming has been extremely disruptive in the music industry. Before the Internet, the vast majority of music was listened to through CDs, cassettes and the radio. My mother Raj, a woman who grew up in the 60s, recalls, “during [her] childhood much of the music that [she] was exposed to came from the radio (Tewathia, 2014).” Today, I am able to access millions of songs from thousands of artists all at the convenience of a super computer I keep in my pocket, while my mother had to tune in and listen to whatever content was being funneled through the limited radio stations she could…

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  • Siriusxm Porter's 5 Forces Analysis

    of suppliers and buyers, and the threat of substitutes. For SiriusXM to remain competitive within the radio broadcast industry, they must carefully monitor and address each of these forces. Rivalry Intensity – (Strong). Rivalry within the radio broadcast industry is a strong force, as many options are available to consumers. Whether it is online/streaming or terrestrial broadcasting, large competitors such as, iheart media, Cumulus Meida, and Pandora put significant pressure on SiriusXM do to…

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  • Essay On Indecency

    Indecency seems to be the biggest category for debate in the field of broadcasting. What is defined as indecency? The FCC has defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities” (). This definition can be interpreted in many ways. This is why there is so much controversy over what is labeled as indecent and what…

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  • College Radio Experience

    When I entered college as a broadcasting major at Montclair State University in NJ I wandered into my school’s college radio station as a freshman with one goal in mind: To have my own radio show and do whatever it takes in order to get it. Fast forward 4 and a half years and I am 6 months into my first full time job as an Associate Producer in my dream career field of broadcasting and I can 't help but reflect back on how much my college radio experience has helped me in my first taste of the…

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  • Essay On Rural America

    access to cable, satellite and internet. If you were to drive through these areas a generation ago, it would feel like a trip to different nation in a different time. People living in these areas were exposed to broadcast media far less than the people from the urban areas, and people from rural areas did not really take part in the shared culture. But due to the radio the situation completely changed. The Radio connected rural America to urban America in this culture of pre TV broadcast, this…

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  • Impact Of Technology Revolution In Communication

    Thanks to the internet, our communication between different places developed. From my experiences, my uncle was in the U.S. to get his Ph.D. in the 1980s, and he was not able to contact with his family. However, I am in the U.S. with the same purpose, I have a lot of ways to communicate with people around the world, such as video call, telephone. International students like me can use it to make a video call to contact their families and friends. Also, it is beneficial for business sectors. They…

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  • Rich Media Poor Democracy Analysis

    I can remember hearing or seeing on television or radio of companies merging. The latest one I know of is Time Warner Cable, supposedly now Spectrum. Others were ATT and Cingular Wireless, Infinity and Comcast, Verizon has even dabbled with Time Warner Cable to some extent. It seems every time you turn around, there is some merger taking place regarding electronic media and often too many to keep up with. Some I know of because I am subscriber and have received a letter with a new name of the…

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  • Media Censorship

    In 1970, the FCC adopted its prohibition of cross-media ownership between FM radio stations and television stations within the same market. The FCC under the Nixon Administration prohibited newspaper cross ownership of radio or television stations (Yanich, 2014). When the Commission adopted the rule, it grandfathered newspaper/broadcast combinations in many markets, forcing dispossession only in highly concentrated markets. As a result, approximately seventy grandfathered newspaper/broadcast…

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  • Case Study: Columbia Broadcasting System

    Columbia Broadcasting System – CBS Corporation is one of the largest American media holdings and conducts its activity in the branch of mass media and the entertaining industry. The business of a direction of the Company is cable television, creation, and propagation of a television content, a film studio, publishing house, TV and radio stations, interactive media and the outdoor advertising including a network of television announcement CBS Television Network. It was founded in 1971. Leslie…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day In A Manager's Office

    no source of income. My brother and I kept up a decent charade for a few weeks to avoid having my parents find out. Who wants to be the child who leaves school and has no job? I was going to hold off as long as I possibly could. Despite my attempts, my father read through my excuses and called to figure out what was going on. Ultimately, he found out. If I had known how my parent’s would’ve responded, I would not have hesitated to call them. That gave me confidence by letting know that I will…

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