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  • Alternative Energy Should Replace Fossil Fuels

    Alternative energy should replace nonrenewable fossil fuels to better the environment in the United States. The ozone layer is decreasing as greenhouse gases in fossil fuels are increasing. There is an increase in pollution in the atmosphere, which can cause health problems for people breathing in these pollutants such as carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and other fluorinated gases. The continued use of fossil fuels over time has led to the need for alternative energy because in a few decades there will be nothing further left of fossil fuels. These toxic fumes are poor to plants, animals, and humans, also harmful to the economy. Coal, oil, and natural gas are examples of non-renewable energy, which means it’s incapable…

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  • How Can Alternative Energy Replace Fossil Fuels

    Can Alternative Energy Ever Replace Fossil Fuels? Climate change and increasing levels of greenhouse gases have become an ever growing problem in the world today. There are many effects of climate change that have been documented from the latter part of the twentieth century until now. This significant change is due to the introduction of industrialization in society and how it has changed the equilibrium of the atmosphere by drastically increasing levels of CO2, a gas emitted from burning…

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  • Alternative Fuel Essay

    With the combination of an ageing public transportation system, ever-increasing fuel costs, and growing public environmental awareness, it is time to think about the future of the current bus fleet. Updating the fleet with alternative fuel technology is a popular and cost-effective initiative. Background: The American transportation system is suffering from major problems. Thirty-six percent of The United States major highways face a serious congestion problem. With the number of vehicles on…

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  • Alternative Fuels Essay

    Damarth Nayak, Logan Turner-Mannix, Helena Yang, Michael Pan Documentation for Request for Proposal Ref. 1) Insert reference Ref. 2) Insert reference Etc…. Why Alternative fuels: Alternative Fuel research journal: When gasoline vehicles burn fossil fuels, they release smog and other toxic chemicals. These products negatively affect drivers and poison the environment. Heavy industrialization has increased impervious surfaces, which causes the toxic products to eventually make their way into…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Alternative Fuel

    Justin Keck English 12 9/12/14 Alternative Fuel Sources As time wears on, our supply of nonrenewable fuels is decreasing at an alarming rate. If something does not change soon, our supply of oil and petroleum fuels, those most commonly used, will be diminished within the next 54 years, according to BP. With the knowledge of this impending shortage comes the urgent need for alternative fuels. An alternative fuel of recent popularity is natural gas. Natural gas is in limited supply, just like…

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  • Analysis Of ABE As An Alternative Fuels

    As mentioned above, the research about ABE as an alternative fuel is still in the early phase. Most research deals with the combustion and emissions performance of ABE-diesel blends in diesel engines, while the study about SI engine fuelled by ABE-gasoline blends is still not sufficient. Nithyanandan et al. (2014) [223] undertook preliminary investigations of the per-formance and emissions of a port-fuel injected SI engine fuelled with ABE and gasoline with volumetric ratios of 0%, 20%, and 40%…

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  • Nuclear Power: An Alternative To Fossil Fuels

    Humanity is in a race against time as the threat of global warming looms on the horizon. To prevent catastrophe, the nations of the world must focus on decreasing their carbon dioxide output by as much as possible. While agriculture and industrial processes have a high carbon footprint, fossil fuels are by far the biggest contributor to anthropogenic global warming. Therefore, the best way to mitigate the problem is to replace coal and oil with cleaner sources of energy. Solar and wind power are…

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  • History, Hazards And Benefits Of LPNG And Gas

    History, Hazards and Benefits of LPG. CNG and Gas Alternative energy such as CNG and LNG is an exciting alternative fuel that will enable society to produce a cleaner, safer and inexpensive compared to our established fossil fuels that we use today (liquefied). The uses of these gases we enjoy today has a long history, and extremely perplexing to humankind. There are precautions that must be adhered to concerning storage, use of LPG and CNG. In addition, the risks of using LPG and CNG far out…

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  • Polyylactic Acid Research Paper

    itself. This is better for the environment. As a result, polylactic acid can be used for plastic items which are going to be discarded, such as plastic food wraps. However, there are also some limitations of this biopolymer, which impact society and the environment, impacting its potential. The high cost and expense to produce polylactic acid, compares to that of other plastics from fossil fuels, does not make it an economically viable…

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  • Jackson Sawmill Case Study

    into Jackson Sawmill for new plant and equipment, since it hasn’t been upgraded for twenty years. The alternative would be to reinvest and downsize by reducing production capacity and permanently laying off half of the 200 workforce and build a new mill in Alberta. To build the new plant would be more expensive but the president is also considering the fact that Jackson…

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