Argumentative Essay On Alternative Fuel

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Justin Keck
English 12
Alternative Fuel Sources
As time wears on, our supply of nonrenewable fuels is decreasing at an alarming rate. If something does not change soon, our supply of oil and petroleum fuels, those most commonly used, will be diminished within the next 54 years, according to BP. With the knowledge of this impending shortage comes the urgent need for alternative fuels. An alternative fuel of recent popularity is natural gas. Natural gas is in limited supply, just like oil, but out of the three main nonrenewable fuel sources that are present on Earth, natural gas is the most abundant. With this in mind, the conclusion can be made that Natural gas will not offer a permanent solution to the fuel crisis, but it is a good alternative to be put into consideration. Before we consider natural gas as an alternative fuel source to oil and petroleum fuels, we must first ask ourselves,
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Natural gas can come from deposits of natural gas by itself, or it can be found in natural oil deposits. The deposits of only natural gas tend to be more lucrative and long lasting, however. According to the Natural Gas Website, there are two different kinds of natural gas deposits, deep and conventional. Natural gas is mined in a similar fashion to oil. First, expensive oil drilling equipment is used in order to dig deep enough to reach the natural gas deposit. The conventional gas is usually closer the surface and is easier to mine using conventional drill bits. But most deep gas deposits are located deep within Earth 's surface. Some of these deposits can be found as deep as 15,000 feet into the ground. This makes most deep gas deposits more expensive because it is harder to access to them. When the deposit has been reached by the drilling rig, refrigerant, such as liquid nitrogen, is used to lower the temperature and liquefy the natural gas. It is then pumped to the surface and stored or transported to refining

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