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  • Is Homeschooling: Inevitable Alternative To Public Or Private School Education?

    Over the last few decades, homeschooling has become a feasible alternative to public and private school education. The homeschool movement began in the early 1970’s and has shown to be effective for many students and parents. At the time, homeschooling was not embraced or accepted by society and public school systems, so homeschooling families were given strict requirements in order to be given academic credit. Fortunately, since homeschooling has gained acceptance, the requirements for homeschooling have become less rigorous and homeschooling is now recognized as a legitimate approach to educating students. Although there are several problems and disadvantages of homeschooling compared to traditional schooling, there are also advantages of…

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  • Public School Alternatives Essay

    In lieu of this dilemma, public school alternatives, which can be a cyber, charter, magnet, or project based school, have become a lot more popular in the modern times, and as expected, there has been much debate about the effectiveness of these alternatives in comparison…

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  • Public Schools: The Pros And Cons Of Alternative Schools

    Public high schools have been the norm in America for decades, but it’s clear that there are many flaws in the system. 1.2 million American students drop out of high school every year ( Even more students have enrolled in what are known as “alternative schools”: modes of education other than public schooling (Guthrie 82). Obviously, there is something these alternative schools have that public schools do not. Several of these alternative schools implement something known as the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Was Sent To Alternative School

    The reason I was sent to alternative school is because of fighting, being disrespectful and, my attitude. When I got in the fight I was in the bathroom, then the guy jumped on me . We started fighting and I kept punching him until the teacher came . I agree about being sent here because they gave me many chances and I kept getting in trouble so I have to face the consequences . It makes me feel bad because I should've taken the chances they gave me and changed . The first issue I have…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Alternative High School

    I graduated from Hobbs alternative high school in Roby Texas, in 1997. The alternative school was for students who had been in trouble or for girls who were pregnant and needed to finish school a little sooner or at their own pace. I was not a trouble maker, nor was I pregnant. The school was offered to me as an alternative to spending another year in high school because I did not have enough credits to graduate. I had move between North Carolina and Texas in high school and did not have enough…

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  • Jackson Sawmill Case Study

    into Jackson Sawmill for new plant and equipment, since it hasn’t been upgraded for twenty years. The alternative would be to reinvest and downsize by reducing production capacity and permanently laying off half of the 200 workforce and build a new mill in Alberta. To build the new plant would be more expensive but the president is also considering the fact that Jackson…

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  • Incarceration Advantages

    would benefit would be those individuals responsible for providing group treatment programs. As the overcrowding situation is lessened, there would be the opportunity for larger meeting spaces, hopefully resulting in a potential rise in group participation rates. If an alternative to incarceration proves viable, perhaps these services could be offered to those populations outside of the grounds of the prison and would help to give the individuals the social context in which to apply these…

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  • Workplace Vs Alternative Workplace

    towards an alternative workplace. A lot of companies are fitting their workplace to be able to move towards the alternative workplace. I will explain the need for alternative and innovation workplaces versus the traditional workplace. The alternative workplace allows an employee to work from anywhere. The technology changes over the last few years have made the alternative workplace a possibility. The technology that is mainly used is a portable laptop, smartphone, Wifi, computer security, VPN,…

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  • Experimental Study Of Qualtrics

    has hatched. The alternative explanation was not given in this version. In this second version, the participants read a similar study, but the outcome of this study was not told. The alternative explanation was given. In this third version, the outcome was told that the gosling approached to the caged duck one it had hatched, and the alternative explanation was told in this version. In this final version, the similar outcome was told, but the alternative explanation was not…

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  • Reflection Paper On Mock Session

    I am becoming better at open-ended questions. I noticed that I would ask more close-ended questions while doing intakes instead of having a conversation with the clients and now I am much better at shifting away from closed-ended questions. I noticed that in the initial intervention I only asked one closed-ended question and none in the alternative statements. I also noticed that I am better at having more of a conversation-based intake with clients at my practicum site, just by rewording the…

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