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  • The Influence Of The Tuareg Culture

    A semi-nomadic pastoralist culture in the middle of modern, Westernizing Africa, is an ethnic group called the Tuareg. Though diverse and living in separate communities speckled throughout Algeria, Mali, and Niger, the Tuareg are united by their shared language and proud history. They were expert traders and formidable warriors, raiding and conquering to find the best land for the livestock, prior to the European colonization of Africa. For the Tuareg, it was the French that proved too formidable. The Tuareg were one of the last groups to be colonized, but their swords could not hold off the French guns forever. After large casualties on both sides of the conflict, it finally ended with the signing of a treaty in the late 19th century (Keita…

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  • Northern Mali Conflict Analysis

    The Tuareg Rebellion began in January 2012 and ran until April of the same year with the Mouvement Nationale pour la Libération de l’Azawad(MNLA) declaring independence in the North of Mali. A free state in the North of Mali called Azawad was the ultimate objective of the MNLA but it was not recognized internationally or by the Malian government. In March, there is a military coup of the Malian government as a result of the military officers frustration with the rebellion. From June to July the…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Maasai Migration Of African People

    All of Africa’s people are diverse. The Maasai, Tuareg, and Bambuti are all tribes in Africa. The Maasai people are the original settlers of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The Tuareg are a pastoralist society in North and West Africa. The Bambuti live primarily in the congo Basin and Ituri Forest. It is believed that all humans have migrated from Africa. Africa is the only continent with fossil evidence of human beings. Most scientists believe humans first appeared in Africa, then spread…

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  • Cultural Anthropology Essay

    The Hausa people love to play their music using the duma, which is for percussion, and the molo, which is a flute. The Hausa love to sing praise music and keep it closely related to folk music. Tuareg has its own genre, which is classified as, "Tuareg Blues”. The Tuareg's music is so popular, it even traveled all the way to Europe (Murray, 1981). Most notably, the band called Tinariwen, is very a very popular band, that plays wonderful blues songs. Music in Niger always brings the people closer…

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  • Negative Impacts Of Tourism

    have become so dependent on their minimal income from tourism that they have chosen to keep their rings on and remain in Thailand. Another example is the Kuna tribe in Panama, where the traditional art known as ‘Mola’ usually use on traditional costume for women’s outfit, has now been transformed into a commercial trade and has lost its spiritual value and quality. Kuna women are now making ‘Mola’ with designs of the American flag, cell phones and much more for the main purpose of meeting the…

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  • Oumar's Journey

    was left to disclose their journey to Mecca to their mother. Awa, while initially astonished and apprehensive by the idea of her nineteen-year-old daughter and seventeen-year-old son travelling across the continent to an unfamiliar land, she soon came to accept their daring venture to for what it is through rationalizing and optimistically envisioning all of the beneficial aspects involved in the pilgrimage. Before departing, Awa gave her final heartfelt words to Amar. “Once you have traveled,…

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  • The Peace And Security Challenges In North Africa

    al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the Signed-in-Blood Battalion and the Islamic Movement for Azawad (IMA) (BBC NEWS AFRICA, 2013). The problem in Mali is related to two major attitudinal issues. The first is related to the perception of independence of the northern Mail called the Azawad from the south part of the country. Besides the question of independence for the Azawad states since the time of colonization is one of the factors which affect the attitudes of the Tuareg rebellions.…

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  • Abolition Of Slavery Research Paper

    fricassees, all originate from West and Central Africa. The clash of African and Christian beliefs led to changes in the way churches worked. It led to the “call and response” pattern in sermons and the stress on emotional conversion and on the Holy Spirit. While many movies and books (and other forms of media) suggest that the Europeans went deep into Africa themselves and worked hard to obtain the slaves, this was not true. The Europeans effectively and efficiently used the Africans to…

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  • My Culture: Pounded Yam And Egusi Soup

    the cultures also increases as well. I feel so blessed to come from this amazing country, which so many great leaders of the world have emerged. I really believe in my country, and have always thought of it as the best country in the whole of Africa, maybe even in the world. In Nigeria, we have many different types of cultures and traditions, the three major ones which are Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. These three tribes are also categorized into geographical groups, Igbo’s are the Easterners and…

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  • Summary: The Spirit Of Democracy

    successful or not. Throughout the past decade, Mali has experienced an increase in democratization and Ukraine has decreased slightly in democratization, switching from free to partly free, but ultimately stabilized at partly free. The fluctuation of democratic regime in Mali and Ukraine is a result of disadvantages and obstacles that undermine political, economic, and social freedom. Beginning in 2006, according to Freedom House, Malians experienced a free democratic government with almost…

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