Trojan War In The Iliad

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Comparing the archaeological evidence that has been unearthed in the last 145 years in Turkey, Greece, and the Aegean to Homer’s Iliad will show that at some time in the Late Bronze Age a war or series of wars took place between Achaean forces and Troy. It was called the Trojan War. This war has defined the way people view ancient Greece. This story of mythological gods and heroic warriors has provided insight into the attitudes, customs, religion, and warfare of the ancient Greeks.
The story of Homer’s Iliad is the source for which people get most of their knowledge about the Trojan War. It is told that the Trojan War began because Zeus wanted a way to reduce the continually growing population. Also, it was a way to bring the Menelaos’, King of Sparta, wife back. She had been taken by Paris, the Trojan prince, as his prize for choosing the goddess, Aphrodite, as the most beautiful goddess when compared to the goddesses Hera and Athena. The Greeks and
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(Cartwright) They played an important role in trade which is proven by the goods imported from Mycenae and elsewhere in Greece. (UNESCO) It is a probable and plausible cause of the start of the Trojan War. Evidence has shown the city of Troy VI was partially destroyed, but at this time the exact cause of this destruction is unknown. There has been some evidence of fire, but also bronze spear tips, arrow heads, and sling shots have been found with some being embedded in the walls of fortification around the city. This evidence has been dated to around the same time as the Trojan War would have occurred. (Cartwright) According to UNESCO, “The evidence of widespread fire and slaughter around 1250 BC, which brought Troy VI to an end, has led to this phase being identified with the city besieged by the Greeks during the Trojan War, immortalized in the Iliad.”

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