Multiplicity In Orestei The Agamemnon

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Employing an advanced technique, Aeschylus fills his tragedy, Oresteia: The Agamemnon, with layers of multiplicity. Essentially, multiplicity in this tragedy entails using dialogues containing several meanings to convey truths about Greek society and to shed light on situations outside the current action. Aeschylus’ use of this dramatic tool contributes to the success of the novel and adds depth to the meaning of the characters’ conversations. Furthermore, it affords the audience an opportunity to personally interpret the underlying messages. Aeschylus does not use multiplicity as an embellishment; rather, he uses it to present a developed argument enhanced by the characters’ experiences and positions in society.
While several of the characters
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In general, ancient Greek society perceived women as submissive and weaker than men. Women were not to have their own opinions nor voice opposition to male leaders or their husbands. The Agamemnon challenges the typical role of women with a strong personality in Clytemnestra. She, like Penelope in The Odyssey, assumes control of the land while her husband fights in the Trojan War. This position of power and independence defies the quiet role that society expects females to undertake. Both the chorus alone and Clytemnestra address the role of women in …show more content…
592). Additionally, when Agamemnon returns, his wife greets him and pressures him into walking on precious tapestries meant for the gods. A few multiplicities indicate suspicion within the home. First, the tapestries are a deep-red color, like blood. By walking on this fabric, he is essentially walking through a trail of his blood to his death which awaits him inside. More importantly, the fact that Clytemnestra persuaded her husband by instigating competition through remarks about “what Priam would have done” and his “judgement” draw upon Clytemnestra’s deceptive side and show her power as a woman (Aeschylus ln. 934). The multiplicity in this instance is not a hidden meaning of words, but a subtle advancement of women in

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