Future Selves In Daniel Gilbert's 'First Person Plural'

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The future is something many of us think about but never never exactly know if it will turn out the way we want it too. People dread on how they think their future selves will turn out, because they want to be a success in their future or to see themselves accomplish a goal. Most individuals do not know how they should look at their future selves. Paul Bloom, the author of “First Person Plural” suggests that people should treat their future selves as someone they do not know yet because they should remain unknown of what is to come in the future. On the other hand, Daniel Gilbert, the author of “Stumbling on Happiness” argues that people should treat their future selves like children, so that they treat it with care and know that the actions they take will affect their future life. Gilbert 's …show more content…
If people do not take care of their future ahead of time and work hard for their goals, they can get lost or confused when the time comes to take actions into their own hands.
The future is valuable and the actions people take need to be looked at cautiously because any wrong mistake can change their future completely in a good or bad way. So we should plan ahead to avoid risks For example, most individuals look at their future as something they shouldn 't worry about till the time has come to worry. When the news talks about how a drunk driver killed some teenagers in a car accident, all people can say and talk about is how those teenagers lives have been taken away because of the drunk drivers poor actions. The drunk driver probably

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