The Importance Of Omega Phi Beta

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Having gone through what I did, I never truly had a plan for the future. I knew I had to attend college but it was not until I was recruited by the local TRiO program that I truly believed that there could be a future for me. ConnCAP/Upward Bound was established by the Higher Education Act of 1965 to help low-income first-generation students realize their full potential and attain their goal of completing high school and obtaining higher education. The teachers and students I met through this program are who I call my second family. The teachers encouraged and pushed me to achieve my full potential. They saw in me potential I never thought I had and for that, I am forever grateful.
With the help of ConnCAP/Upward Bound, I maintain my good
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They are committed to not only reaching their full potential but helping others do so as well. They fully embody Omega Phi Beta’s commitment to the development of its members through sisterhood, diversity, leadership, service and academic excellence. These are qualities that I highly admire and wish to further develop. I began to show interested in the organization and during my time as an interested woman in the official interest group, I saw a significant growth within myself as a woman, a student, and an aspiring professional. I applied skills learned in workshops in some of my classes as well as in a Model United Nations conference. I did so well in that conference that I was invited to the Japan team this year, where I competed in the international conference. The sisters in the Beta Kappa chapter, as well as those in Alpha Kappa, have been such an amazing support system that encourage me to be the best version of myself. They were one of the first people to encourage me to take the opportunity to study abroad in Italy last spring …show more content…
My parent’s undocumented status has had greatly impacted my spirit, my person, and my future. It has made me appreciate the people around me and inspired me to help others realize their full potential. Had I been asked ten years ago where I thought I would be now, this is not a reality I ever envisioned for myself. I never believed it possible for me to live and study in Europe for four months much less visit Japan. I am so thankful for those who believed in me and pushed me to do and be better. If there is anything life has taught me, it is to always keep an open mind about our future because life changes. I embrace the future and the challenges and changes it has for me because I know they will shape me into the person I need to

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