Broken Window Theory

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It is human natures to plan for the future; during the process of thinking about the future, people are making their predictions based on the current situation. The ability of imagining the future relies on psychological immune system. Psychological immune system lets people able to make predictions and adaptations of negative events that may happen in the future, but these predictions are not necessary true because the context of society is changing all the time. Also, people’s behaviors and attitudes are adapting to the subtle elements that around us and the education of being individualism. All human beings have their own psychological immune systems, and people use this system to change their feelings; the tendency of blaming others become …show more content…
People are influenced by the surrounding environment, and the idea of individualism is the current social norm and social values that surround human beings, which shapes people’s attitudes and behaviors. Similar to the Broken Window theory, “if a window is broken and left unrepaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares and no one is in charge. Soon, more windows will be broken” (Gladwell 152). People do not react to broken windows in areas of high crime because the crime is like an epidemic that spreads around and becomes a common phenomenon that people have already adapted to. With everything that happen around people, as a result of the inciting factors like the broken windows or hyper-focus of self, a lot of the time people do not realize the root cause of those events. Similar to hyper-focus of “self” in Gen Me in this generation, “many school districts across the country have specific programs designed to increase children’s self-esteem, most of which actually build self-importance and narcissism” (Twenge 495). The idea of self-esteem may not be popular before the baby boomers, while the education systems teaches people to realize that the importance of individualism, and as a result, individualism acts like an epidemic that become common a social norm and social value. Everything that happen around human …show more content…
Recall the example from students who do not receive satisfaction grades and they blame for the test is hard. Temporarily students would feel much better by receiving a grade curve from professors. However, it is not very helpful for the long-term problems; students still do not understand the knowledge that in the exam. If people do not realize their own shortcuts, people will not able to adapt to the reality. So when the final exam is coming up, students who receive satisfaction grades because of the curve, will still receive disappointed grades for the final exam because they do not fully understand the knowledge. The Gen Me and individualism play a huge influence on shaping the way people’s thinking. People are taught to believe individualism when they are children, and this idea will keep growing inside their minds until adulthood. Teachers at school “don’t expect children to learn anything. As long as they feel good, that seems to be all that’s required” (Twenge 500). Children are taught to believe that they are the best, which is hard for them to arrange their thoughts to believe that they are not the best. As a result, people live in the bubble, and they do not have the sense of what is the reality is. Similar to Gilbert’s idea that

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